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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/26/01

By Justin

At Salem Place, Jen offers Greta to go out for coffee and Greta suggests tea and Jen okays it. Jack wonders what's up with the silent treatment and they walk off. Jack follows them again. Jack hopes that Jen does not know his secret, but what if she already does. She has that look on her face...she is up to something. Jen tells Greta about the great plan she has to expose Jack. Jen calls Jack over and says stop spying on us! A police man walks over and asks if this man is bothering you and Jen says yes. The Police man drags Jack away, but Greta says they know him. Jen asks the cop to detain Jack and he is hauled off. Greta is shocked, but Jen assures her that all the cops know Jack from the Spectator. Jen tells Greta her plan, she plans to seduce him and they head off to Barron's.

At Barron's department store, Jen and Greta shop for sexy dresses as Jack spies on them again. He hides behind a mannequin and pulls it's arm off. A saleswoman comes over to Jack and she asks what he is doing. She thinks he has an arm fetish, but he says he doesn't. He spies on Jen and Greta as the woman watches him. Greta comes over and Jack asks her to tell the woman that he is gay, but she tells him to tell her. The woman says that he cannot be gay as gay people wouldn't wear a coat like that and Greta agrees. Jack says boy and then, Jen comes over, so he says boy oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy as Jen tells Greta see.

At Sami's apartment, Austin slowly tells Sami that Kate brought Lucas to his apartment and they are moving in as Sami drops a glass and it breaks. Sami says that his mother manipulated him. Sami tells Austin to make them move out, but he can't, Lucas is his brother and he won't abandon him. She tells Austin that he can go crawling back to Lucas and Kate and for him to get out!

At Reed's/Roberts' apartment, Kate opens the door to be faced with Roman. Kate brings him in and he sees how much progress Lucas is making as he mumbles. Roman talks to him a little bit, but tells Kate to take over. Roman is surprised and Dr. Adam's thinks it would be a good idea for Will to draw some pictures. Lucas says Will and Roman tells Kate that she might do Lucas more harm than good. Kate says that if Sami tries to fight her she'll lose.

Back at Sami's apartment, Austin comes back in. She thought he left, but he couldn't. Sami says she has to make dinner for Will, but they end up arguing again. Sami says that she has never been more disgusted with anyone in her entire life.

At the Penthouse, Marlena brings out a tea tray to Belle who is sitting on the couch. Belle and Marlena talk about Shawn and Shawn is Belle's whole life. Belle tells her about the problem that Jan has as Brady comes down, asking Belle if she is ready to go to the gym. She doesn't want to go, so Brady joins the mother/daughter chat. Brady says that her life would go on with or without Shawn Brady. Marlena wonders if Jan has sought counseling, but Belle assures her that Shawn is Jan's doctor Freud. Brady says that Shawn cannot handle Jan's problems alone as she has big ones. Belle says that Brady would never commit himself to a relationship, but she can see he is in love with Chloe. Brady switches the conversation back to Belle and Shawn. Marlena says that Belle's life would go on without Shawn as she would move on. She is happy with them in her life. Brady says me too, Mom and Belle says he just called you Mom. They both smile, Belle expresses how much she loves both of them, gives Marlena a hug, and then, Brady says what about me and they join in a group hug.

At the Brady's, replay of Shawn saying he is the father of Jan's baby. His parents ask if he's sure and he is. He says that Jan's parents don't know yet and rushes out to be with Jan. Bo and Hope think there is something missing here as Shawn talked about Belle all summer.

At Jan's house, Jan is looking at a magazine of an ultra sound picture on the couch, when Mrs. Spears comes in. Jan hides the magazine as Jan's mother offers her fruit as Jan hasn't been eating that much lately. She says that Jan has been getting chubby. Jan tells her mother that Shawn is coming over. Shawn needs to talk to her and her dad, but her dad is out of town, so he will be talking to just her. Mrs. Spears wants to know what she has been keeping from her and Jan goes to grab the magazine, but her Mom grabs it off of her. The doorbell rings and Mrs. Spears answers the door. She tells Shawn that it's not a good time, but Jan pulls him inside. Shawn says that both of her parents should be there as Mrs. Spears says that he doesn't tell her when her family needs to be somewhere. She opens the magazine and sees the picture of the ultra sound. She realizes Jan is pregnant and slaps her across the face, calling her a whore. As Shawn intervines, Mrs. Spears rolls up the magazine and beats him over the head with it, knocking him to the floor as Jan yells no, no, no! Jan goes over to him, asking if he is okay, but he gets up with a cut on his forehead. Mrs. Spears calls Shawn stud boy and she and Jan argue. Jan grabs the bowl of fruit and throws it across the room, saying that her Mom never loved her. She hates her and will always hate her until the day she dies and that she hates the country club too. Her mother denies hating her and they continue to argue. Jan says she is leaving and she will never see her or the baby ever again and asks Shawn to get her out of there. Mrs. Spears tells stud boy that Jan is underaged and she is going to charge him with statuary rape and have him arrested.

Back at the Brady's, Hope wonders why they might lose JT, and Shawn's future is at stake, why is this happening to them. Bo leaves and Hope stares into the fire. She has a whiteout vision and Bo comes back in, asking her what is wrong. She says that she remembers them sitting on the couch and eating popcorn and watching videos with Shawn and JT. She wonders how they are going to get through this and Bo hugs her.

The End

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