Days Update Monday 2/25/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/25/02

By Justin

A spying he will go... At Salem Place, Jen and Greta go shopping. Jacks spies on them as it seems to be that Jen and Greta both know that he is following them. Jen tries to prove to Greta that Jack is not gay. Colin walks up to them and flirts with them. Greta flirts back, but Jack doesn't see Colin, Jen, or Greta. He moves in closer and finds a woman with a book. He begins talking to her and she thinks he is nuts, crazy, ect. Jack still cannot see so he moves even closer and he knocks a trash can over making a fool of himself, yet again. Colin wants to speak with Jen, so Greta goes over to Jack. Jack asks who that gigolo is that Jennifer is talking to. Jen is cold to Colin again as she is mad about how he treated her. Elizabeth walks up and wants to know what is going on. Colin introduces Jen and Elizabeth tells Jen that he is her fiance. Jack wants Greta to eavesdrop on them, but she refuses. Elizabeth talks about how they are looking for an apartment and before they leave Jen says make sure it has a fireplace. Elizabeth asks what that was about a fireplace. Jen goes over to Jack and Greta and they go to get coffee. Jack asks Jen why she is ignoring him, but she just walks off with Greta.

Kate drops a bomb on Austin... At Austin's apartment, Dr. Adams is amazed at Lucas' progress as Kate asks him to wake up. He does and says Mom. He falls asleep again and the doctor thinks that she should let him rest. Austin comes in and is shocked when he sees Lucas. He wants answers and Kate tells him about Lucas coming to and he talks to Lucas. Lucas wakes up and says Austin. Austin is shocked and Nurse Jane says that they should let Lucas rest. Kate is happy as Austin asks what her plans are. Austin's eyes almost bulge out of his head as she tells him that they are moving in with him. He is worried at how Sami will take it, but Kate doesn't care the least bit. He wonders and worries about how Sami will take it, but Kate says that it's important for Lucas to be near his son. Kate says that everything is perfect. Austin is mad that Kate didn't ask him first. She says that if it would help her brother he would agree and she asks him to go and tell Sami right now. Austin stalls, but Kate pushes him out the door to Sami's apartment.

The talk of Hawaii... At Sami's apartment, Sami must really want to go to Hawaii and move there, since that is the only thing she talks to Roman about. Roman tells her to grow up and Sami is mad that he doesn't support her in her plan. He says that Hawaii is not the problem that her lying and scheming is what the problem is. She says that Carrie has always been is favorite and she is the bad seed. Sami thinks that Carrie is the tramp and if he would take his rose colored glasses off he would see that. She makes fun of Carrie, which gets Roman pissed off. She says that he is judgmental and he cannot stop her from getting what she wants ... to move to Hawaii. Roman continues to stick up for Lucas and his rights to see his son. Roman argues with Sami and tells her that she is starting a marriage with lies and scheming. Sami finally agrees to let Will visit Lucas after some arguing. Roman explains that once trust is gone in a marriage nothing is left. Sami says take his own advice because he is a loser when it comes to marriage. Roman says grow up and maybe she isn't ready to become Mrs. Anybody. He storms out and runs into Austin. Kate opens Austin's door to see Roman. Austin goes to Sami's apartment and she does the hula and also asks if he likes. Austin tells her to sit down as he has news.

The mother of all bombs is dropped on Bo and Hope... At the Brady's, after the Reiber's left Shawn calmed down. Bo talks about the news about Isaac and how John is not the father. Shawn asks the same question Belle did... Who is the father? Shawn asks if it is Bo, but Bo wishes it were him. Hope watches them talk and has another whiteout flash. She is okay and they sit down to discuss JT. Shawn wants to run off, but Bo doesn't think that is smart. he talks about making Glen realize where JT belongs and hopefully he'll back down. Hope says that JT is innocent and vulnerable just like other kids. Shawn says that babies shouldn't pay the sins of their fathers. After some questioning, Shawn says that he was talking about Jan. Bo tells Hope that Jan is pregnant and Shawn talks about the abortion and how he talked her out of getting one. Hope says that he'll make a good father some day and Shawn says sooner than you think... I am the father. They stare at him and Bo asks if he just said that he was the father. Shawn says yes he did.


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