Days Update Friday 2/22/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/22/02

By Justin

Somewhere, Glen and JT play as Carol and Barb watch. Both are amazed at how well Glen and JT get along. Barb feels uncomfortable about the situation and Carol says that she shouldn't feel guilty. Barb knows how much Glen loves his son, so she has to stand by him through all of this. Barb thinks to herself about the Brady's going after Isaac and she is most definitely sure they will.

At Salem High, Shawn and Belle talk about the pain that his family is going through and Shawn says that JT will always be his brother. When Belle asks if Hope will go after Isaac, Shawn practically says he doesn't know and he doesn't care, all that matters is JT. Belle asks if Shawn knew the truth from the beginning if he would have asked her out still. He says that that is not the case. He says that they are supposed to be together and he loves her. He sees Jan and kisses Belle and runs off to find her. He meets up with her as Belle watches. Jan thinks that she made the wrong decision and asks if he is having second thoughts as he looks at Belle and she knows how much he loves her. Shawn promises to call her later and runs off. Belle wants to know the story, but Shawn says that he will tell her later. Then, he says that he loves her and for her not to forget that.

At the Dimansion, Cameron arrives and gives Lexie details about the Glen and JT situation. Miss Reese seems to be very confident that Glen will give up. Rolf says that he is happy with the work she has done so far and she is glad that they got together today. Abe comes in and asks what the h*ll is going on. Lexie tries to cover, but it won't work this time as Abe wants to know what Cameron Reese is doing there. He kicks Rolf out of the room and wants an explanation. Abe bashes Cameron and she says that she will represent them. After some arguing, she leaves, telling them to call her with there decision. Lexie and Abe argue and Abe says they are NOT HIRING HER! He goes up to get Isaac as Lexie yells at him and Rolf walks in congratulating Lexie on the performance.

At the penthouse, John waits for Belle as Marlena rushes in. Marlena says that she wants to be there when he tells Belle the news. They are relieved and glad that Stefano is not the father of Isaac. They are worried about how Belle will react to the news. Marlena talks about how Belle questions love and marriage and she is glad she has her children. John talks about how they will stand by the Brady's. Marlena is sure that Hope will go after Isaac. Belle walks in and wants to talk to Marlena. They have to talk to her and sit her down for the news. They tell her that John is not the father of Isaac. Belle wonders who is.

At Jan's house, Jan arrives home and hopes that Shawn won't break his promise and says he can't, she won't let him.

At the Brady's, Bo and Hope talk and Hope is nervous. Later, the Reiber's arrive and Carol takes JT up to bed. The Reiber's and the Brady's argue and Carol comes back down. Shawn arrives and yells at Glen. When he leaves, Hope realizes that she is going to lose her baby.


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