Days Update Thursday 2/21/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/21/02

By Justin

At Sami's apartment, she is home cleaning up Will's toys on the floor when there is a knock on the door. She looks through the hole to see who it is and sees Marlena. When she opens the door Marlena comes in with bridal magazines. Sami sees that her Mom looks worn out as Marlena tells her that it's been a stressful day. They talk about her visiting San Diego and Lucas, when another knock strikes the door. Roman walks in and he's happy that both his favorite women are there. Sami tells them how the trip went well, but Will is not visiting Lucas again. Roman and Marlena look at each other and are amazed at Lucas' progress. Sami says that she doesn't want Lucas to wake up and Roman and Marlena try to make her reconsider, but she won't. They say that she can't refuse Will's visitation rights with his father. Roman hopes that she didn't act the way she is acting now in front of Will. Sami thinks her parents are wrong and Roman wants to know what she did and what she said in San Diego. Sami hesitates to answer and Marlena tells her to answer her father's question. She just says that she didn't say anything in front of Will, but Kate is after her blood and she won't win. Marlena calls her Samantha Jean as she is not pleased with the way she is acting. Marlena says that Sami is insensitive as she insulted Kate and Lucas to Austin's face. Sami goes off to get something as Roman and Marlena hear a noise in the hallway. Roman looks out and sees only a patient being brought in from the hospital. Marlena suggests helping, but she didn't need to. Sami comes back with a Hawaiian brochure and says that her, Will, and Austin are getting a condo there and moving to Hawaii. Roman and Marlena want to know if Austin knows about it, but he doesn't. She says that Titan has subsidiary in Honolulu that Austin can work at and no one is going to stop them from moving there.

At Titan, Austin apologizes to Nicole for taking so long in San Diego. Nicole understands as she heard about Lucas making progress. Austin can't believe that she cares about Lucas, but she changes the subject. Austin calls her on it and she gets defensive. Nicole says that she is going to dig into the Parmelash campaign while Kate is gone. Austin wants to know what she is doing as his friend. Nicole talks about Kate and Sami and how he's going to have to choose between them. Nicole warns him not to try and make peace between Sami and Kate as they probably won't want to. She warns him not to marry Sami as she pushes him into a chair. Austin challenges her to have lunch with him and not to put anyone down while they are having a conversation.

At the Brady's, Hope gets wheezy and she sits down. She wonders who exactly is Isaac's father, if it's not John or Stefano. Hope says that she can't imagine being unfaithful and wants/needs to know the truth. They talk about Abe/Lexie/Isaac and how their world revolves around that child. Hope needs to love, hold, and protect Isaac as Bo promises she will. She cries and Bo comforts her. Mickey is there when we come back to them. He says that the visit will be only two hours. Cameron, Barb, Glen, and Miss Burns arrive for the visitation between Glen and JT. They say that Miss Burns will supervise the visit. Miss Burns says that they will get JT to Salem University Hospital if needed to. Glen wants to speak with Bo, so they go outside. Miss Burns asks to show Mickey some paperwork as Cameron reminds Barb about the FAS. Hope begs Barb not to take her baby.

Outside, Glen reassures Bo that he'll take good care of John Thomas. Glen asks what Bo would do if he was in the situation that he(Glen) is in. Bo says that he would do the same. Bo asks Glen to think it through, but Glen already has. The two men go inside as Hope goes up to get JT.

Inside, Bo and Hope return with JT and his bag. As Bo hands JT to Glen, Glen calls him slugger. Glen tells him that he's his daddy and Bo tells him to leave now. JT cries and the four leave. Bo comforts Hope as she breaks down.

On Victor's jet, Kate sits by Lucas as she's had him put on the jet in his hospital bed. Dr. Adams and Jane are their too as Kate calls Victor to thank him for the use of his jet.

Later at Austin's apartment, the nurse and the doctor roll Lucas into the room. Kate reminds Lucas that Will is just down the hall and when he wakes up he can help show Austin Sami's true colors and they can get custody of Will and they will take over Titan. Lucas mumbles mom and Kate says I'm here. Dr. Adams says that it was good for Lucas to come back to Salem. Kate smiles as Lucas starts to come to.


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