Days Update Wednesday 2/20/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/20/02

by Suzanne

Sami, Austin, and Will head home on the plane.  They are all in bad moods.  Will wants to see his daddy.  Sami wants Austin to see that Kate set her up.  Austin just wants Sami and Kate to be civil to each other.

Kate talks to Lucas at great length.  At one point he murmurs "Will" and so she thinks he might have awakened.  The nurse says not quite yet.  Kate wants to arrange for Lucas to come back to Salem.  She vows that he will have his son back.

Jack finds Abby alone and wonders where Jennifer and Greta are.  He tries to get Abby to tell him what Greta and Jennifer were acting like and whether it seemed like they were talking about him or not.  Upstairs, Greta and Jen bond.  Greta feels guilty for telling Jen Jack's secret.  Jen tells her not to worry and suggests that they pay Jack back.  They do up their hair and Abby's in pigtails and have fun playing around with Jack, attacking him in fun.  Abby's bus comes so she leaves.  Jen says it's time for adult talk.  Jack gets nervous.  Jen drops some hints that she knows his secret while she and Greta joke around and smile like they've got their own secret.

Lexie is upset, flashing back to John stealing Isaac's DNA.  Abe comes up and startles her.  They get into an argument.  She ends up telling him what John did, so he wants to put an APB out on John. She stops him and says they have to deal with John another way.  Abe thinks she really needs help and pleads with her to communicate with him about what's going on.  She says that John must be getting some tests done on the DNA so that he can take her baby away.

Hope sees some blinding white flashes that make her think she might be remembering something important.  Bo is worried about her.

John and Marlena find out at the hospital that Hope is definitely Isaac's father.  They figure out a way to compare Stefano's blood type and Hope's against Isaac.  They visit Bo and Hope to tell them that she is the baby's mother, and that John and Stefano are definitely not Isaac's father.  Hope is happy that it's not Stefano but wonders who it is, then.

The End

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