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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/19/01

By Justin

At the Kiriakis Mansion/house, Philip is getting dressed and the phone rings. He answers it and hopes it's Chloe, but it's Kate. She tells him about Lucas and he is happy. He tells Kate about Nicole getting kicked out and she is happy to hear that and she asks to talk to Victor.

In the dining room, Victor is eating when in pops Nicole with a fur coat on. She says that she is returning the keys to him and takes off the coat to reveal a bra and spandex shorts. Victor smiles and Philip walks in. Nicole is drinking coffee and Victor explains that they are having a business meeting. Philip tells Victor about his phone call and hands him the phone. Victor walks out as Philip asks if this is the latest thing in the office attire (he was talking about her bra and spandex when he said that). She says that she was on her way to the gym when she realized she can't use it anymore since she's not living there. Philip says the gym is on the other side of town.

In the living room, Kate tells Victor about Lucas and he is happy. She then asks for his help with Austin and Sami, but he says that he will not be involved in her plot.

Back in the dining room, Philip and Nicole argue and he tells her that Lucas might be coming out of his coma. He says that she probably isn't happy to hear that, but she says he is wrong. Philip says that Kate is moving back in and Victor walks out claiming that she is never coming back in his life. Philip leaves and Victor and Nicole talk. Nicole says that if he would not have kicked her out, Philip would not have gotten his hopes up. Victor tells her that she is more like Kate than he ever imagined. Nicole says how dare he compare her to that witch and he says that she did the same thing for money and power. She gets her coat, slams the keys and leaves, leaving Victor shocked.

Back in the living room, Nicole walks out and tells Philip that Kate better not hurt that man or he'll be answering to her.

At Marlena's Penthouse, downstairs Belle remembers Shawn and Jan hugging. She wonders what is up with those two.

Upstairs, John shows Marlena the bag she is supposed to Hope's hair strand in. Marlena is worried, but they go downstairs. They ask Belle if she wants to go to the Brady's with them and she agrees. Marlena grabs a basket of food and different things to give Hope and they leave.

In San Diego, Will lays on Lucas' bed, begging him to wake up. Sami walks in and says it is time to go. Will says no to a shocked Sami. Will says she can't make him. She drags him off the bed and he yells no. Sami screams William! as Austin comes in to calm Will down. Austin tells Sami to cool it and tells Will that he will bring him back. Will kisses Lucas and Sami asks Austin to take Will to the cafeteria and she'll meet up with him. After they leave Sami taunts Lucas as Kate overhears outside. Kate walks in and they cat fight again. Sami tells Kate about her climbing up the ladder and sleeping with all the married men in Salem. She threatens Lucas and tries to smother him with a pillow. Kate says that she will lose Austin and Will all by herself. Sami threatens to kill Lucas and they spar. Austin returns and Kate pretends to cry. She begs Sami to leave her alone and Austin drags her out. Sami tells Austin and shut up and pushes him out of the way. He chases after her as Kate smiles from the doorway.

At the Brady's, Shawn opens the door and Belle walks in. He tells her how much she means to him and he tells her that he is the father of Jan's baby. He is just dreaming (luckily) and sits up on the sofa. He wonders how he can tell everyone the truth.

Upstairs, Bo wakes up to find Hope gone. She walks in and smiles. They talk about the visitation between Glen and JT today and how Shawn is not in his room. The phone rings and Bo answers it. It is John, who says that he is coming over and he won't be put off.

Bo and Hope go downstairs and Shawn tries to say more about Jan, but the Black's arrive. They say that they are just there to offer their support and JT is John's godson and he needed to see them. Marlena shows them the basket of food they brought and Hope thanks them as Marlena says Hope would probably not want to cook. JT cries and Marlena offers to go with Hope. They get JT and play. Marlena heads to the bathroom and gets hair off of Hope's brush. She puts it in a bag and the door knob twists. Marlena sprinkles water on her blouse and walks out. They head downstairs with JT.

Hope and Marlena come down and John and Marlena leave, to give the family some time alone. Belle asks to stay. Outside, Marlena asks John why he didn't tell them the truth and he sayshe will once he knows the whole truth.

Back inside, Hope takes JT's temperature as he does not seem right and Shawn and Belle go outside.

Outside, Belle wants to know more about Jan and Shawn promisesto tell her, saying that he will love her forever, she says she will love him forever and they leave to go somewhere.

Back inside, Hope tells Bo that she will not let JT go with some stranger if he's sick.

At the DNA lab, John and Marlena wait for the results and she can't believe they can get them so quickly. Marlena says that if Hope is the mother and Stefano is the father, then the nightmare will never be over. John says it will be over for all of us and he hugs Marlena.

The End

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