Days Update Friday 2/15/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/15/02

By Justin

At the Deveraux's, Jack continues to worry about whether Greta told Jen the gay truth yet. He is sure she knows. Outside, Jen and Greta arrive. Greta says that she shouldn't have betrayed Jack, but Jen says she will not tell. Jen wants to get revenge on Jack and asks Greta that if Jack wasn't gay.... would she make a move on him. Greta says that he's not strait and Jen asks what about if he were. Greta finally admits that if Jack weren't gay she would make a move on him. Back inside, Jack continues to think that Jen knows the truth. Jack sits down and has a dream that Greta and Jen are teasing him and tying him up to a chair and torturing him. He snaps out of the dream and tries to calm himself down by meditating. That doesn't work as he dreams again and this time Greta grabs a feather and says she will tickle him right where it tickles the most...his feet. She tickles his feet and he screams and snaps out of it to find Jen and Greta standing there. Jen rings a bell and Jack wants to know where they were and asks if they talked about him. Jack wants to know what exactly Jen is up to and she says that Greta is living there now and she will learn a lot about him. He is worried that she is plotting against him and all Jen says is that if she were him she'd sleep with one eye open. Jack realizes she is and Jen says that she wouldn't have to get the truth out of Greta if he tells her himself. He yawns, saying he better go to bed, since it's way past his bedtime. Jack heads to the stairs, but hides in the other room and eavesdrops on them. Jen reassures Greta that it will be okay.

In San Diego, Kate and Austin talk as Sami watches. Kate wants Austin to break up with Sami before it's to late and Sami yells shut up! Austin and Sami scream at each other and Kate tries to calm Austin down. She tries to stop him from marrying Sami. Kate and Sami both start yelling for Austin to do what they want and Austin tells them to shut up! He yells at Kate and calls her manipulative, saying she is doing everything right for the wrong reasons. Sami says that they can stay one more night, but are leaving in the morning. Sami wants Austin to get Will, but he doesn't want Kate and Sami alone in the same room. They promise not to make each other mad and Austin leaves to get Will. They go at it with Sami saying that she wished Kate would just die. She says that her and Lucas can just lie down together in their own vegetable garden. Will comes in and asks why Sami was yelling at Grandma and Sami says that they weren't yelling at each other they were talking loudly, grownups sometimes do that. Kate pulls Austin aside and tells him to look at how Sami is lying and tells him how Sami wished her dead. Austin reminds her about the tape Roberto made and how she wished Sami dead on the tape. Kate is mad that Austin chose Sami's side....yet again.

At .com, Philip almost goes over to Brady and Chloe, but Belle holds him back. Brady suggests they leave since Chloe is feeling uncomfortable. Belle makes Philip promise to stay come as Brady and Chloe walk over. Philip asks nicely to talk to Chloe and Brady can't believe how civil Philip is being. Belle says that Brady has never been in love, which makes him mad. Brady is hurt and Belle says that he said him and Chloe were just friends. Belle realizes that Brady really has feelings for Chloe and he says that he doesn't want Chloe. Belle pesters him as Mimi walks over. She flirts with Brady and asks about Shawn. Belle says that Shawn is helping Jan out and Mimi gets mad. Mimi bashes and trashes Jan and Brady says that if Shawn hurts her he'll have to deal with him. Mimi has something to tell Belle and Brady walks off. Mimi tells Belle about Cynthia's plan to expose a tape of her and Philip to Chloe, just because he wouldn't sleep with her. Belle feels bad and watches Chloe and Philip talk.

Elsewhere in .com, Philip and Chloe are now at a table talking. Chloe tells Philip to stop it and asks why he isn't mad. He says that she's not his girlfriend anymore and he doesn't want to lose her as a friend. He apologizes for always losing it around Chloe and for yelling at her for being with Brady all the time. He says that he will do anything to win her back and Chloe tells him that he's special to her. They hug as Brady watches from across the room and he looks jealous.

At the Brady's, Shawn arrives and goes inside. He picks up one of JT's toys and sits down on the sofa flashbacking to promising Jan that he will be the father of her baby. He plays with the ring Belle gave him that is around his neck and Bo walks in asking if everything's okay. Shawn wants to go to bed, but Bo stops him wanting to talk about what will happen tomorrow. Bo thinks he is letting down everyone with this situation. He apologizes again for saying that Bo didn't care whether Glen took JT away from them or not, since he's not his son. They will fight the situation and they have love on their side. Bo hopes that Glen will change his mind as Shawn has flash backs of Jan. Shawn says that he has to tell him something and then, starts talking about doing the right thing. Bo asks where he was with Jan and Shawn wonders how Bo knew he was with Jan. Bo says that Belle called earlier wondering where he was. Bo doesn't like the sound of Shawn going to help Jan. Shawn says that she is pregant and he talked her out of getting an abortion. Bo admires Shawn, but says he has his own problems now and not to make Jan's problem his. Bo tells him to let her parents handle it and Shawn says they don't care. Bo realizes they need to get to bed and heads upstairs as Shawn sits down on the sofa saying how am I going to do this? How do I tell them?


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