Days Update Thursday 2/14/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/14/02

By Justin

In Brady's room, he is pumping weights until he calls Chloe. Chloe is happy that he called. She tells him about the tree, Philip, and the nosebleed. Brady tells her about a special weather program he wants to watch and she tells him to pull up in front of the house as he's not on Nancy's list right now. After Brady hangs up, he is excited about going to see her. Chloe is dressed now and she puts a pillow on the bed to make it look as if she's sleeping if Nancy comes in. She reads a Valentine's card from Philip and he says that he misses her and loves her and he wants another chance. Chloe admits still caring for him, but there's less pressure hanging out with Brady.

At .Com, Philip and Belle meet at .Com to discuss Chloe and he tells her about the collapse and Chloe's nosebleed. Belle stops him from calling Chloe and she takes her jacket off. Philip compliments her on her blouse assuring her that Shawn will love it. She thanks him and the price tag is still on it and isn't sure that Shawn will even see her in it now. Belle complains about Shawn not being there and Philip suggests she just call him if she wants to talk.

In Brady's car, Brady asks about a 2 out of three and they play rock/paper/scissors to decide where they are going. Chloe gets scissors and cuts Brady's paper, so she wins. She is in a competitive mood, so she wants to play video games at .Com.

Back at .Com, Cynthia tells Mimi that they need to talk about Philip and Chloe. She asks Mimi if Chloe will want him back. Cynthia tells Mimi that Philip is cute and rich, but he can be a jerk sometimes. Mimi is shocked to hear the news about Philip and Cynthia over at her place. Cynthia says that Philip stripped her down and used her and Mimi thinks she is lying, but Cynthia has it all on tape. She considers showing Chloe and the others, but Meems doesn't like the idea. Cynthia bashes Mimi and Belle and Mimi threatens to expose her to Chloe, Belle, and Philip and she walks away. Cynthia vows revenge on Philip and leaves.

At the Brady's, Hope and Bo talk about Glen and his visitation rights for the next day. Bo is proud of Hope for handling the situation as well as she is. Bo leaves for another log for the fire ( forgot to mention that Bo and Hope were by the fireplace) and comes back with a Valentine's Day present for Hope. She gives him a silver locket with a picture of JT inside and Bo says that now JT will always be in their hearts. She worries about Shawn and Belle calls, wondering where he is. Belle says that Shawn was with Jan at .Com and they wonder if Jan could be this friend he is helping. Hope says that Shawn left to help a friend and tells Belle to call her if she sees him.

Back at .Com, Belle is going to call Jan's mom to see if she is there, but Philip says that he will. Philip calls and apologizes for interrupting Jan's mom's cocktail party and tells Belle that Jan's mom needs a lesson on phone etiquette. Philip called her about Chloe and she apologizes for going on about Shawn. Brady and Chloe come in and start playing games at a table across from Belle and Philip. Chloe stares at Philip as he is upset. Brady wants to switch places with her and she comes back to playing the game and, then looks up at Philip again. Philip tells Belle that Chloe said she was going to bed and now she looks all refreshed. Belle says that Valentine's Day isn't important to some people as Philip is mad even more since it's Valentine's Day. She says that Brady and Chloe are friends and he tries to go over, but Belle stops him. She says it would just make things worse.

In Chicago, Shawn asks Jan not to do it, but she has to and he considers an abortion, but she goes with the nurse. She comes back and remembered the ultrasound, saying she couldn't do it. He tells her that he is proud of her and will still pose as the baby's father. She hugs him and he tells her that she won't regret it. Jan walks out the door and Shawn walks out after her.

Back at the Brady's, Bo walks in and is eating a piece of pie. Hope calls Shawn and he is in the car with Jan and on his way home. He says he's okay and she is sorry for calling, but she was worried. Hope doesn't want him talking and driving, so they hang up. Shawn tells Jan that his parents will get over the shock and disappointment. She doesn't know if she should give the baby up, but Shawn tells her to think about it. Shawn calls her an official mom and she calls him an official dad and he aggrees. Jan says that she will help him and be there for him as he tells her about J.T.

Back at the Brady's, Bo and Hope go up to bed.

At the Penthouse, Marlena has turned off the lights and is heading up to her bedroom when John walks in. She wants to know what's wrong and he tells her to sit down as he has shocking news. He tells her that he is not the father of Hope's baby. Marlena asks if this means he didn't sleep with Hope and he says no, he just didn't get her pregnant. John tells her that there were four babies born in the same night at the hospital. He says they need to get Hope's DNA to determine whether or not Hope is Isaac's mother. John figures Stefano is the father and he wanted Lexie to raise his kid. Marlena agrees, but they don't want to burden their other problems right now. John tells Marlena that she has to get a sample of


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