Days Update Wednesday 2/13/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/13/02

by Justin

At the Deveraux's, Jack reads a newspaper article about the internet and shopping. Abby is bored at what he is reading and her and Jack wonder where Jen and Greta are. Abby says that she is glad her mommy has a friend 'cause she needs one. She knows Jack is not happy with Greta's living arrangements and asks when him and mommy are getting married. Jack has been working on it around the clock, but needs her help. He needs her to give hints to her mommy. Abby aggrees and says she can be as shrewd and calculating as him. He stops reading and she leaves. Jack talks aloud and wonders if Greta told Jen the " Gay Truth" yet.

At .Com, Jen can't believe that Greta thinks Jack is gay and tries to convince her otherwise. Greta tries to convince Jen to believe her, but she doesn't. Greta talks about the books and magazines she read about sexual orientation, but she doesn't care. Greta tells her about Harold and Jen figures out what Jack said. Jen tells her to wake up and smell the coffee... if Jen asked Jack to sleep with her he would, but Greta doesn't believe her, still. Jen finally accepts it and promises to get Jack the life he so richly deserves.

At the Wesley's, Nancy opens Chloe's door and finds on the bed with a bleeding nose. She yells Craig and he stomps up the stairs. Craig comes in and she comes to. Chloe asks them to leave her alone, but Craig and Nancy want her to get a physical in the morning. Chloe says that she had one at the beginning of the year and she is alright. Nancy wants to know why she was with Philip in the first place and she asks Craig to leave. He leaves and Chloe tells Nany about the initials he carved in the tree. Nany asks how Philip's kiss felt, but she doesn't want to tell her. Nany tells her to dump both guys and move on with some nice guy like Shawn Brady. Chloe says no way since he's her bestfriend's boyfriend. Nancy leaves and Chloe looks in the mirror, again wondering what is wrong with her.

In Chicago, Shawn offers to be the father of Jan's baby. Jan asks if Shawn would marry her and he says yes. Jan asks about Belle and he says he loves her and they are meant to be together, but she could give the baby up for adoption. Jan says she can't let him ruin his life and goes with the nurse.

In San Diego, Lucas says Will's name as Austin, Sami, and the doctor go into the room. Sami looks disgusted as everyone else is happy. Austin asks the nurse to get Will ice cream so she does. Sami tells Austin that he is too pure of heart and Kate comes out, begging for Will to stay. Kate continues pleading.

The End

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