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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/12/01

By Justin

At the Brady Pub, Jack walks up to the door and opens it, saying he doesn't want to be late for a very important date. Harold is not to far away and says he has some time to kill, so he walks through a gate. Inside the pub, Jack spots the table with Oliver Wentworth and goes over to him. Oliver doesn't look to happy and I don't think he is as Jack asks what brings him to Salem. Oliver says certainly not you and Jack knows that. Oliver mentions how he likes Jack's creativity, but Jack in time gets bored. Oliver talks about his ex-wife and how they have an off and on relationship. Jack assures his business buddy that he is in a relationship with a princess among women. He doesn't want those other guys drooling on her and he doesn't want to show her off. Oliver doesn't want a single man working for him and wants to know the wedding date. Jack says Greta knows secrets that no one else knows, but Oliver just wants him to be married and it's none of his buisness. Outside, Harold spots Jack with another man and wonders if he dare say hello. Oliver needs someone mature and committed to do the job and Oliver thinks he might get the job and leaves to make a phone call. Harold walks in and sits down at Jack's table. Jack looks up and tells him to get out of his personal space. Harold tells him that he liked the massage and Jack says he did not tell him that he was a homo ... and a waitress walks by and he says sapien. Harold asks if he is and Jack tells him once and for all that he is not gay. Harold says that he is proud of himself and doesn't hate himself. Then, he wonders why he ever admired his journalism and he is the most less admirable person he's ever meant in his entire life. He walks off leaving Jack shocked ( seems Harold finally realized that Jack was not who he thought he was).

At .Com, Jen drags Greta in and says that she hasn't been hanging out with her for the past hour and a half for her not to tell her the secret. Jen says that Jack shouldn't put an honest person like Greta in this position. They both sit down with mochas and Jen suggests she guess and Greta thinks of the story Rapunzal and how no body could guess his name. Jen realizes that Jack has rubbed off on both of them as he says stuff he doesn't mean and he means stuff that he says. Jen says that Greta called Jack a ho and Greta was drunk, so she doesn't remember and they both know that Jack is no homeboy or ho. Greta says that Oliver wouldn't like to find out Jack's secret. She says that Jen can't marry Jack and Jen wonders why a single man can't get married. Jen figures it out and says no, no, he didn't. Jen plainly states that Jack Deveraux is not gay.

At the Brady's, Bo walks in as Hope sews JT's name and address on every piece of his clothing. Bo guesses she should do that since JT is going to be away from home, the wonderer that he is, but Hope never keeps her eyes off him for a second. Hope wonders why Shawn didn't say where he was going and Bo wonders where he gets his rescuing mentalities. Bo thinks maybe his mother. They talk about Shawn taking JT and risking his future and risking his life for Gran's ruby. Hope talks about Belle's anxiousness to have sex and Bo says that Shawn's 18th birthday is in a couple months. Hope remembers Doug walking in on them on her 18th birthday. She says that she didn't think she could love Bo Brady more than she did that moment, but she was wrong, she loves him more each day. Bo says that he is ashamed of never wanting JT because he wasn't his own. They talk about Shawn and wonder who he is helping. The two hug, worried about JT and Hope thinks Shawn would want to be there when Glen arrived, but he has a Spanish test tomorrow and he should stay in school. They eat some mint ice cream and Bo assures her that they will raise both of there sons.

In Chicago, Shawn and Jan are outside the clinic and she didn't realize that it was so close and she could have came herself. Shawn says that it wouldn't be good for her to drive after getting the abortion. Jan says she doesn't want him there unless he is going to support her. He doesn't feel he is doing the right thing, but he won't leave her there by herself. He again asks her to give it up for adoption, but her mind is made up and they go in. Jan tells the receptionist that it says they close in 15 minutes, but the person tells her that a doctor stayed late for her. He is with another patient and Marge will be with her shortly. Jan is told that she has to have an ultra sound and she is handed papers to fill out. She says that it would have been easier to have an abortion quicker and wonders why she waited so long. Shawn says because she wasn't sure whether she was doing the right thing. Jan says she's tough and if everyone were to find out that she's been raped, then they would feel sorry for her. Marge comes out and takes Jan into the back room and asks if she wants her boyfriend to come to, but she says no. When she returns Jan is crying. Shawn says she's not alone, she has her baby. Shawn says that she doesn't have to tell the world what happened and he'll say he was the father, anything, just don't get rid of the baby.

The End

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