Days Update Monday 2/11/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/11/02

By Justin

In San Diego, replay of Austin pulling Sami off Kate and holding her back as Kate coughs. Kate says she tried to kill her and Sami says witches don't die and she only wished she could. He takes her to the waiting room and sits her on the chair. She blames Kate, almost saying that this was part of her plan. Austin defends Kate and Sami realizes that either way she loses... Kate wins. They argue and Sami plainly states that Kate would sell her soul to the devil to get power. Austin is really shocked that she says this.

In Lucas' room, Kate goes in and tells Lucas about Sami trying to choke her and stuff and she says she probably shouldn't say those things while he is in a coma, but she knows he's pleased. As she says this his eyelids flutter and he moves his head. Will sits up and says grandma and Kate puts him on Lucas' bed. Will tells his daddy to wake up and Lucas says Wi.... He tries to say his name, but can't. Kate says yes Will is here. Dr. Adams comes in and hears Will and Kate begging to for him to wake up. Kate tells him about how Lucas tried to talk. Lucas moans and tries to talk, but can't. Lucas whispers Will, but doesn't open his eyes.

Back in the lobby, Dr. Adams arrives and tells them that he is waking up and Sami looks disgusted.

Back in Lucas' room, Kate tells Lucas that they can do it, but they have to take care of Sami first.

At Philip and Chloe's special place, replay of Philip and Chloe kissing. She turns away and he walks off. She places her hand on the tree and says forever and falls to the ground. Philip turns, screaming her name and she comes to, with a bloody nose. He asks if he can take her to the hospital, but she doesn't want him to, she just wants him to take her hom. He asks what happened and she says she felt dizzy. She thinks that she is coming down with the flu and asks Philip to take her home.

At the Wesley's, Craig and Nancy are sitting on the couch and she is reading a magazine. They talk about brides and then, he calls her a farmers daughter. She says Oh no, Mr. Travel Salesman. She says the south 40 has been plowed and he asks if anything else needs plowing. They start to kiss, but the door opens and they hear Philip and Chloe. He tells Chloe to tell Nancy and Craig what happened as they walk in. Chloe goes upstairs and Philip tells them what happened and Nancy thinks Philip did something to her. Nancy is worried, but Craig says sometimes a bloody nose is just a bloody nose. Upstairs, Chloe looks in the mirror and her nose is perfectly fine, but when she looks in the mirror it is bleeding. She wonders what is wrong with her. Craig tells Nancy to say good bye to Philip, but she rudely rushes upstairs. Philip reluctantly leaves saying that he can't see Chloe with Nancy around. Nancy is in Chloe's room and Chloe is sleeping. Nancy calls her name and turns her over to find a very bloody nose and she screams for Craig. Craig gets off the sofa and runs up the stairs.

At the penthouse, Belle is up in her room thinking about Shawn and remembering seeing him in Jan's arms. She has glasses on and a pink dress/shirt and she continues to wonder if she can trust Shawn. Downstairs, John packs up a briefcase and Marlena wants to know where he's going. He tells her that he's confronting Lexie. He is determined and says he loves her and leaves. On the elevator John stands with his briefcase as the doors close. Back inside, Marlena says I love you too as John left and Belle walks down. She asks if she is talking to herself and Marlena says no, her dad just left. Belle asks what John has done now and Marlena says nothing. Belle wonders why she is worried and she says she is a mother, she has to worry. Marlena and Belle talk about the Shawn/Jan situation and Marlena asks if she trusts Shawn. She says yes, but how does she know that her dad isn't keeping anything else from the, but she claims John loves her, Belle, and Brady. She hugs Belle promising that things will be back to normal someday. Belle wishes she could belive her.

At the Brady's, Bo and Hope are eating and Hope rants about her cooking and Bo tells her to stop acting like everythings alright. Bo wants to talk about it, but Hope doesn't. She starts crying as Shawn walks in and asks what is wrong. Bo talks about the visitation rights that Glen gets, but Shawn doesn't want to hear about it. He leaves to use the truck and Hope makes him a sandwich.

Upstairs, Shawn picks JT up, vowing not to lose him and he tells him about his friend and how he needs to leave. He tells him how much he loves him as Bo looks in. They talk and Shawn apologizes and leaves. Bo holds JT.

At Dimansion, Lexie thought Cameron Reese was in there pockets, but Rolf says it was probably difficult. Lexie yells for Elianna to answer the door when it rings, but she doesn't so she does and finds John there. She tries to slam the door in his face, but he says he wants to apologize. She agrees to hear him out. He grabs a napkin and puts it over her mouth saying it won't hurt and she passes out in his arms. Next, we see him tying her up to a chair and Rolf sneaks in with a glass bottle. He raises it over his head and John kicks him in the stomache and he falls backwards. Elianna comes in and says Rolf's dead, you killed him and John says he only wished he done that years ago. John grabs her and sits her in a chair telling her not to move or he'll do the same thing to her. Isaac cries and John heads off to get him as Elianna yells don't hurt the baby, don't hurt the baby. John comes back as Elianna is untying Lexie and he has a vial of Isaac's DNA in his hand. Lexie says she will tell Abe and John knows she won't because Dimera's don't talk. He leaves and Rolf wakes asking Lexie what happened. Lexie says John's gone crazy and Rolf says the old John is back and their world will never be the same.


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