Days Update Friday 2/8/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/8/02

By Justin

At .Com, Jan has her mind made up about getting an abortion. Shawn objects, but Jan has already made most of the arrangements. She forged her mother's signature and took money from her account, now all she needs is for someone to take her there, but he urges her to give it up for adoption. She doesn't want to and as she goes to leave, Shawn says he will take her and they hug.

Outside, Belle has brought Brady to .com and she continues to question him about his feelings for Chloe. He gets her to drop the idea and they talk about Shawn. She brings Chloe up again and questions him. He says that guys like free time in the playing field and Belle says not all guys and she walks in to see Shawn and Jan hugging. She turns to leave, but Brady urges her to find out what's up. Belle demands to talk to Shawn alone, NOW! They go over in a private spot to talk. She questions him to what the judge said and he tells her. She asks why he isn't at home instead of being there with Jan. She asks what is going on with Jan and he says Jan is....., but then stops himself from letting it slip. Shawn tells her about Jan's promise and she has no one. Belle asks why she doesn't get help from her own boyfriend, but Shawn says that Jason would make the problem worse. Belle suggests Jan get professional help like from her Mom. Shawn says that he is the only one Jan can count on. She tries to get the truth from him, but he won't break his promise. Belle walks away.

Over at the table, Brady asks Jan what's wrong, but she tells him to leave. He says he was there last summer and asks if she has nightmares about Paul. She does and he tells her about the nightmares that he still has about getting shot. She tells him that her nightmares are far from over and Belle comes over. Jan apologizes for monopolizing Shawn's time and they leave.

Outside, Brady makes excuses for Jan, but Belle is jealous. Brady is sure that Shawn is just helping Jan.

Back inside, Shawn calls Bo and asks to use his truck. He tells Jan that he will stand by her no matter what.

At Philip and Chloe's special place, Philip brings Chloe there. This is the place where Philip carved P&C4ever. Chloe tells him that she's tired, but he says he won't keep her long. Her vision begins to blur, but she doesn't tell him. He shows her the tree with the initials carved in it and says they have flash backs. Philip says that he can tell that she doesn't love him anymore. She tells him that she used to, but he hurt her and she has flash backs of the last blast. He reminds her of how she accused him of rape. Chloe says that they shouldn't hurt each other. He wants another chance and she says she thinks about giving him another chance al the time. She reminds him about the bet and she says he was her first and he says she was his first too and Chloe doesn't want to look back on bitter memories. He goes to leave, but she stops him. He tells her how much he loves her and he always will. He kisses her, but she pulls away, scared to love him and scared not to. He walks away and she puts her hand on the tree and says the word forever. As Philip walks away, Chloe faints in slow motion and he turns around, calling her name.

In San Diego, Sami agrees to let Will stay and he says yes! Sami says good bye to Will and Kate thanks Austin, telling him not to worry. He drags Sami out and Kate is thrilled. Sami says she changed her mind and says she is not letting Will stay with that witch. will has crawled into bed with Lucas and fell asleep as Kate talked to Jane and Dr. Adams. Sami is determined to take Will home and Austin thinks he has asked to much of her. He says he will call Nurse Brenda and she might give her another day off. Dr. Adams thinks a longer visit will be better and Kate says that he can stay as long as he has to. Kate says she will handle Sami as she comes in. Sami reaches for her neck, but Dr. Adams threatens to call security. Sami and Kate take it in the hallway. Dr. Adams asks Kate if she wants him to call security, but she says she can handle it. Kate tells Sami that she picked the wrong guy to marry and because of that she will lose her son. She calls her a brat and an unfit mother and she also tells her that things are going to change now, because Austin loves Will and Lucas and his mother. She says that Sami played right into her hands and she didn't need a plot. Kate says that someday Lucas will gain custody of Will. Sami has had it and grabs Kate around the neck and begins choking her. Kate smiles, but when Austin returns and pulls Sami off of her Kate pretends she's choking. Austin restrains Sami as she tries to go after Kate as Kate has her back towards them and grins.


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