Days Update Thursday 2/7/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/7/02

By Justin

At .com, Shawn and Jan are now there. He gets her some OJ and he says coffe is not good for the baby. He tells her about how much the sonogram affected her, but she says that's over. She still wants to get rid of it. She wonders why he cares so much and he explains about the situation with JT, they might lose him. Jan wishes she could help and she suggests a petition, but Shawn says that won't work, but she could do something else. Jan says anything. Shawn says she can, but she probably won't. He tells her to keep the baby. She says it's her body and she'll do it with or without his help.

At the Skating Pond, Philip gets iritated by seeing Brady and Chloe together, but Belle says that they aren't seeing each other. She says she feels the same way about seeing Jan and Shawn together. Brady doesn't want Philip to take advantage of her, but she says no man owns her. She will go over there and stand up for her rights. Brady says he's breathing fire I can feel it from here and offers to go over with her just in case Philip loses it and she thanks him. Philip does the exact opposite of not losing control, he does lose control and asks what they are doing there together. Chloe says she's skating with her friend and Philip says they're friends too. He suggests they go skating together sometime and Belle says they could all go together, but he just meant him and Chloe. She says that they could go as a group and he loses it. Philip wants to know why they can't go alone and he finally apologizes. Philip reminds Chloe of when they went ice skating at Bo and Hope's reception. Brady, Belle, and Philip talk about how they use to ice skate when they were little and Phil and Brady used to have snowball fights. Philip asks Brady to teach them how to ice skate that good. Chloe feels bad about not having any child hood memories in Salem, but Belle says she could create some. Belle says they could all go skating right now, but Chloe is to worn out. Belle says that she wants to go home and crawl into bed as Brady asks Chloe if he can take her home, but she has some things to pick up at the store for Nancy. philip says he'll take Chloe to the store and she agrees. Philip thanks Belle to himself and asks Chloe if they can make a quick stop. She agrees and they leave. Brady tells Belle that she is throwing Chloe right into Philip's arms and Belle thinks Brady has feelings for Chloe.

At the park, Victor and Nicole walk and talk in the snow. He thanks her for coming to his bed since Philip was asleep the night before. Nicole says that she gave him a night to remember since he will miss her in bed. She says that she is moving back into her apartment today. Victor says that he didn't see an end to theirrelationship because of this. She says that it ended when he caved to his kid and kicked her out. She almost leaves tofinish packing, but he kisses her.

Back at the pond, Jack seriously asks Jen what's wrong and Greta thinks she knows. Jen says it's because of his upcoming job with Oliver and he needs to keep loose before the interview with Oliver. Jen thinks that Jack is setting them up and if he doesn't get the job he will blame them. Greta talks about how hard it is for Jack to get a job and they need to keep his spirits up. Jen wants to talk to Greta alone, but Jack doesn't like the sound of that. He doesn't want any secrets between them and she is surprised he said that as he is already keeping one from her. Greta almost tells her, but Jack stops her. Jen pulls Greta away to asks her.

Back at the park, after the kiss, Nicole says that he forced her out of his home and his bed. She says now she is leaving and she and Victor go their seperate ways. Victor walks off and Nicole walks right into Jack. They both fall and Jack says he's sorry and tries to help her up, but when she realizes who it is she pushes him down again. he has a hard time getting up and they argue. He tells her about how she is always on her back and offended, she throws snow at him. He says she is probably taking her anger for some other guy out on him and she stomps off.

Back at Jen and Greta's bench, Jen says the closer she gets to her the closer she gets to her family and Abby. She needs to know the secret. Greta says she thought she knew and it's a whopper. Jen thinks Jack has a disease, but then realizes that he would have told Abby. Greta doesn't want to betray Jack and Jen asks what about if she guesses and to nod if she guesses right.

In San Diego, Sami talks to Austin about her fear of losing Will. In Lucas' room, Will and Kate talk about his daddy. Will says he misses his daddy mostly at night and Kate says because he used to read to him. Kate thanks Jane for taking such good care of her son. Sami and Austin are watching throught the window and he tells her that he loves her. They look at the ring and Austin says that he waited so long to put it on her finger because he loves her. Sami rants about how his mother will ruin her life. Sami can't believe that Austin can't see through his mother's act and he tells herto trust him. She says that she is ready to fight for her son and beats herself up for bringing Will there.

In Lucas' room, Jane thinks that Will should stay longer and it might bring Lucas out of his coma. Kate says that Will's mother wouldn't agree to that. She asks Jane to mention it to her, but she has a better idea. Jane calls the doctor in and they tell him about how Lucas made some progress with Will there. he examines him and confirms that he has made some changes. Sami and Austin come back in and Jane whispers something to the doctor. The doctor asks Sami to extend Will's visit and she says no way! Will really wants to stay and demands it. The doctor argues with her and Austin tells her to trust him. With tears in her eyes, Sami agrees as Will says Yes!


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