Days Update Wednesday 2/6/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/6/02

by Justin

At Basic Black, Brady gets mad after Chloe tells him that Philip misses her. She goes to leave, but Brady stops her. They decide to go to the park.

At the park, Belle runs into Philip. Philip asks why she is alone and she says because she wanted to be alone. She tells him about Shawn being with Jan and he wonders why. Philip asks what else is wrong and she tells him about Hope and John. He is shocked and they continue to talk about Shawn and Jan. They talk about Chloe and Brady and Philip is confident that they barely see eachother anymore.

Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe have arrived at the ice skating rink. Brady helps Chloe tie her skates and asks if she needs help skating and she says yes. Then, she begins skating around. He learns she knows how to skate and begins chasing her.

Elsewhere at the ice skating rink, Jack and Greta arrive with skates in their hands. Greta asks Jack to call Oliver and he gets some courage and does so. Oliver answers and Jack asks about the Vegas trip. Oliver says that he was supposed to call him and Jack says that if he doesn't leave soon, he'll have to hire someone else. Oliver is glad that Jack finally got a backbone and hangs up. Greta gives Jack a kiss because she is delighted, but says they need to practice. Jack falls down and he knocks Brady down. He twirls around and falls again.

Back at the park, Jen arrives and Colin runs into her. He says he followed her from the hospital and she wonders why. He says that he wants to get things straight between them, but Jen reminds him of when he told her to kiss the blarney stone and leave Ireland. Colin says that he was in a situation that was dangerous for anyone involved, but he wants them to be friends again. Jen doesn't buy it and tells him that they have both moved on and she basically tells him to get lost.

Back at the skating rink, Jack offers Greta hot chocolate with a fake hand. He pulls out a fake eye and puts it on his forehead like a cyclops and they are being silly.

On the ice, Brady and Chloe skate around and then, she starts singing lyrics from "Winter Wonderland". Brady doesn't know the words, but joins in. Everyone around them start singing too.

Back to Jack and Greta, Jen arrives and Jack asks if she wants to join them like a three's company thing. Jack goes away and Jen says they make a good couple, but Greta says nothing can come out of it. Jen wonders why, but Jack returns just in time. Jack starts singing too and everyone skates around Brady and Chloe. After the song ends, Jack claps and says way to go Brady and Chloe. Brady dips Chloe for the grand finale just as Philip and Belle walk by. Philip sees and shakes his head.

In San Diego, Lucas' eyelids move again and Will says my daddy's waking up, but in her mind, Sami says no Lucas can't wake up. Kate gets Jane who tells them that it was just a muscle spasm and Sami is happy. After the nurse leaves, Sami is persistant on getting Will out of there and leaving now! Austin argues with her. Austin points out about how happy Will is, but Sami says she only got one day off work. Austin says their plane doesn't leave until tonight. He tells Will to put the picture on the wall, s it's the first thing Lucas sees when he wakes up. Kate goes over to Will and he shows her the picture. Will goes to the bed and holds Lucas' hand. Will leaves to get something for his daddy and Sami follows him. Kate tells Austin how Sami was urging Lucas to die and Austin finds it hard to believe. Kate says she heard everything Sami said. Sami and Will return and Will begins to read to Lucas and his lips move. Everyone is amazed except for Sami. Kate heads to get the nurse as Sami takes Austin outside. She says that it will be over between them because Lucas will wake up and him and Kate will take Will from her. Kate overhears the arguing, but goes into the room. She tells Will that he can come visit his daddy with her any time he wants. She grabs Lucas' hand and says we're going to win my darling, we're going to win.

The End

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