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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/5/01

By Justin

At Basic Black, Brady is on the computer working on trying to find a new model and he says someone like..... and Chloe arrives. He says hi to her and he gets her a soda. She says she came for something and it looks as if she's going to kiss him, but she pretends to choke him. She starts tickling him and he gets a feather and tickles her nose. She sits down and she realizes that they shouldn't horse around since it's John's office. Brady puts his feet on the desk and questions Chloe about a job. She starts naming her traits and she gets serious. Brady realizes she talked to Phil and wants to know what he said. She tells him not to get upset and her phone rings. Brady guesses it's Uncle Phil and he's correct. He seems mad and Chloe goes to leave, but he tells her not to. He doesn't want her to.

At Dimansion, Lexie walks into the living room and joins Abe who is happy with the way she handled Shawn and Belle. She offered to let them spend the night and not let them run away. She pours tea, while complaining about their so called friends turning their backs on them. Abe says they probably just needed a scapegoat and she wonders how this could happen in this day and age with all the security. Rolf is standing by eavesdropping and Abe looks at him saying whoever switched the baby's have some explaining to do. Rolf says the switch was just a hospital error, he says Glen can't afford to take care of two babies and Abe says Glen will do whatever it takes no matter what the cost, he would. Lexie says that he is a good and caring father. He also doesn't think he would give up with Cameron on their case. Lexie says their friends are cold and heartless. Abe asks why she keeps saying there were four babies at the hospital that night. Abe wants proof of a baby switch and a test done on Isaac, but she refuses. She says she's doing everything she can to help Hope keep JT and Abe asks what she means.

At University Hospital, Shawn says an ultrasound is painless and how amazing it was when he saw JT for the first time on the ultrasound. She agrees, but still doesn't want the baby. The image of the baby is on the ultrasound and Jan can't believe that's inside of her. Shawn keeps asking her questions and she tells Colin to turn it off and she wants Shawn to leave. Colin talks to Jan about an abortion and she can't have one in this state without parental consent, but she claims she can't tell her parents.

At the court hearing, Hope is talking to Alice and tells her that they are at the court room. When she hangs up, she notices Glen and Barb talking to Carol. Hope wants to know who she was and Cameron goes up and tells her that it was the social worker. Hope can't believe that they got to talk to her first. Carol introduces herself and gives Bo and Hope papers to fill out. She explains that both parties will be treated equally. Bo tells her that they have to do what they can to keep JT.

In the court room, the judge walks in as Glen and Barb are seated and so are Bo and Hope. The judge asks if both parties are present and Cameron says her clients are as does Mickey. The judge gives Glen visitation rights and Hope stands up and interrupts. She objects and the judge tells her to sit down. The judge says that Glen will get visitation with JT's guardians and Carol Burns present. Hope objects again as she refers to them as guardians. Mickey explains that's just court talk. The judge warns her that she will be thrown out if she interrupts again. The judge gives Glen the terms of the visitation and Hope quietly makes a comment about Glen kidnapping her son. She is asked to leave and her and Bo do. She glares at Glen on the way out. The judge tells Glen that he will be given two hours tomorrow to visit with JT Brady. Mickey asks her if the time can be convenient for the Brady's, but she says only if it is tomorrow. Glen says he will do anything she says. Outside, Bo comforts Hope and her cellphone rings. It's Shawn and Hope is to hysterical to tell him about the visitation rights. She hands the phone to Bo. He tells Shawn about the visitation and Shawn asks to meet them there, but he says no. He hangs up and Shawn goes into the room with Jan and says that children need to be loved and protected and he won't help her get the abortion.

Back at the court room, Glen, Cameron, and Barb walk out. Cameron phones Rolf and she gives him an update. Abe asks who that was and Rolf tells them that Glen gets visitation rights. Mickey tells Bo and Hope that Glen gets 2 hours with JT tomorrow and they head home to be with him as much as they can.

In San Diego, Austin, Sami, and Will arrive to see Lucas. She makes up excuses as to why Will can't see Lucas, but Austin won't take no for an answer. The child psychologist goes up to them and asks to have a talk with Will about his daddy and Will goes with her. Sami wants to go in and see Lucas first to see how bad he looks and she heads off. He remembers Will leaving his angel picture in the waiting room and he goes to get it. The psychologist finishes her talk with Will and brings him to the waiting room with Austin. Austin asks Will if he wants to get a soda and he asks can I. Austin says yes and hands him the money. He tells the psychologist that this might be just what Lucas needs to wake up and she agrees. Will returns and tells Austin that he is going to tell his daddy that he loves him and wants him to wake up. The psychologist takes him to wash his hands really good.

In Lucas' room, Sami sees Lucas sleeping and looks at a picture of him and Will. We get a flash back of Lucas comforting Sami and kissing her on the night they conceived Will. Then, she flash backs to years later when Lucas told her that she will not get full custody or joint custody. Sami screams at Lucas, basically wanting him to die. Kate comes up behind Sami and grabs her by the hair and pulls her out. Kate accuses Sami of trying to kill Lucas and Sami smiles. Kate realizes it's true and Kate tells her that Roman and Austin want Lucas to recover, but Sami doesn't believe that. Austin walks up and tells Kate to knock it off. Sami asks Austin how he could betray her, but he didn't know she was coming. Kate says she just wanted to be there in case Lucas woke up and can he blame her. He hugs her and Sami says that the two of them can have their family reunion, but she's getting Will and leaving. She stomps off, leaving Austin puzzled.

Will returns from washing his hands and slips into Lucas' room while the psychologist and nurse talk. He climbs on the bed begging Lucas to wake up and gently shaking him. Sami rushes up to the nurse and asks where Will is and she says he must have slipped into Lucas' room. Austin, Kate, Sami, the psychologist, and Jane the nurse walk in and see Will shaking his dad. Lucas moves his eyelids as Will continues telling him to wake up. The End.

The End

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