Days Update Monday 2/4/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/4/02

By Justin

At the Deveraux's, we get a replay of Greta's ultimatum....either you tell Jen you're gay.... or I will.... and you have 24 hours, buster. Greta is tired of lying to Jennifer and Jack tries to get out of it. He gives her reasons to leave and tells her to leave and almost pushes her out, until she says she is not leaving until she sits down with Jen and tells her. She tells him to stop dancing around the issue and he starts tap dancing. He starts saying all kinds of songs and she tells him to stop and asks him if he's using her. He finally tells her the truth that he told her he was gay because he didn't want to hurt her, she has had bad luck with men and he didn't want her to get hurt, since he is still in love with Jen. She gets over his huge ego and tells him that she was falling for it and he says he knew it. He says he wants to remain friends and she agrees to help him out. He tells her that he wants her to pretend to be engaged to him. She says that finally for the first time in his life to be honest, to tell Jen that he loves her and wants them to be a family. He tells her he tried that by proposing to Jennifer, but it didn't work, jealousy is the only way. She tells him to forget the smoke and mirrors. She refuses to help and threatens to tell Jen that he's gay, but he begs her not to. He convinces her and she wonders if there really is an Oliver Wentworth.

Later, he tries to call Oliver, but there is no answer, so he pretends like he's talking to him, so Greta will believe him. He calls her a foxy mama and hangs up. He says he's going to take her somewhere special and drags her off.

At the hospital, Brandon and Jen are now at the hospital and he is on his break. He goes to get coffee and Colin and Jen literally bump into each other. Jen says she's sorry and realizes who it is. Colin and Jen are nervous and he hopes they can go for coffee some time. When Brandon returns, he wonders how Colin and Jen know each other. Colin asks if they are on a date. Brandon says yes and he guesses that her and Jack aren't together any more, but he says it's none of his buisness. Jen says no it's not and she is rude. As he goes to leave she tells him that she is sorry. He leaves and Brandon notices some emotional tension and sexual tension between Colin and Jen. He learns about Africa and thinks Colin is attracted to her. Brandon starts to kiss her, but Jen notices a nurse watching and they stop. He goes to kiss her again and she pulls away, saying she's not ready.

At Salem High, when Shawn and Belle return Jan runs up to Shawn saying she needs his help now. He says that he needs to talk to Belle and she runs to the bathroom. Chloe notices Jan looking sick and asks her what's wrong. She runs in the stall. Shawn says that Jan is having problems, but she doesn't believe him. He asks if she trusts him and she does and they hug. He says he can't break his promise to Jan and she comes out. Belle lets her talk to him and rushes off. Jan gets a really bad pain and Shawn takes her to the hospital.

Shawn and Jan arrive at the hospital and Colin says hi Shawn. Shawn tells Colin that his friend Jan needs help again. He agrees to talk to her in private and asks who the father is. She won't tell him and wants Shawn to come. She doesn't want to think of it as a baby she calls it an it and a problem. After the exam, a nurse tells Shawn he can go in. Colin says she is doing good except for the cramps and some spotting. He asks her to get an ultra sound, but she wants to get rid of it.

Back at Salem High, Chloe asks Belle if she's okay. She says yeah except what happened between John and Hope. Chloewants to know the deal between Shawn and Jan, but Belle doesn't know. Chloe thinks she should put a stop to it.

Outside the courtroom, Cameron, Barb, and Glen arrive early for the court hearing. Cameron says there early and that's why she had them stop for coffe, to kill the time. Glen wants his son and Cameron tries to calm him down. She tells him that the social workers might want to leave JT at the Brady's for a while. Cameron introduces Carol Burns the social worker. She explains the background and when Glen asks Barb to tell Carol that she wants to be a mother to JT, she doesn't say anything.

At the Brady's, Mickey arrives at Bo's request. They question him about their options and Hope is afraid she'll lose JT. He tells them about the social worker on the case. He says that Glen will probably sue for custody. He also thinks that Glen could make them look like unfit parents. Hope asks about the time Glen kidnapped JT, but Mickey says they didn't press charges and they have a clean record, but so does Bo and Hope. They talk about how much they love JT. Mickey says Glen will get a few hours to visit JT and then it builds higher a day or even a weekend. Hope doesn't like the idea of him bonding with JT. Mickey doesn't think Cameron Reese wants Glen to win the case. They are happier and they hug as Hope says JT is a part of their hearts and that will never change, as the credits roll.


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