Days Update Friday 2/1/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/1/02

By Justin

At Salem High, Philip is sitting down and Cynthia walks over to cause trouble. She comes on to him, but he is rude. He brushes her off and spots Chloe. When he leaves, Cynthia vows to make him pay. Chloe tells him she isn't ready to talk yet. He grovels and she admits she does miss him and smiles. Cynthia stops Chloe and insinuates that her and Philip had sex, but she doesn't believe her. She says they didn't actually set off the rocket, but they came pretty close. She gives her details and stares at Philip vowing to make him pay

Elsewhere, Mimi is looking for Belle and Shawn and questions Chloe. Next, she questions Jan, who says they better not have ran away as she needs Shawn's help leaving Mimi shocked.

In Lexie's car, she reports to Rolf that the plan went perfectly, even Julia Roberts couldn't have done a better job. She tells him that Bo and Hope are feeling sorry for her and she is worried about John since he's a bit tougher. Rolf tells her how stupid Shawn and Belle were to trust them.

In Bo's car, him and John head to the Dimansion. They wonder why Lex was acting strange and they arrive behind Lexie and walk in to find Belle, Shawn, and JT.

At Dimansion earlier, Belle, Shawn, and JT explore the den. They try to get JT to say I won't go as the adults walk up. Shawn is mad at Lexie for telling them where they were. He accuses Bo of wanting the Reiber's to have JT. Bo lashes out at him and calls him little man. Shawn apologizes and they hug. Illiana comes down with Isaac and John takes him. Lexie asks for her son back and almost attacks him. John says that if Isaac is his son she won't raise him. He vows that if she had anything to do with the baby switch her life in Salem is over. He leaves. Bo grabs JT and leaves as Shawn says good bye. Lexie again apologizes for telling their parents.

Shawn and Belle return to school and Jan goes up to Shawn saying she needs his help.

Back at Dimansion, Lexie and Rolf talk about John wanting to take Isaac from her. Rolf says she is a Dimera by blood and he is a Dimera by choice and they will come out on top. Lexie vows to keep her son.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole arrives to meet Brandon. She warns him to dump Jen before it's to late. She believes that Jack and Jen are still in love and she doesn't want him to get hurt. He doesn't believe her and shesays take her to bed. Brandon asks her to reconsider kicking Greta out. Nicole is sure that where ever Greta is she brought trouble with her and with that, she rushes off.

At the Deveraux's, Jack is sleeping with a blindfold thing over his eyes and he is rolling around in bed. He has a dream about Greta telling him to get out of her life. A voice says get up Jack and he asks Abby if her voice is changing, but a different voice says the same. He wakes up to find Jen and Greta standing there and Jack screams. Jen tells Jack that they have teamed up to bring him down and now it's two against one. Jen says be afraid and Greta says be very afraid. He wakes up for real this time and looks in front of him to find no one there. It was just a dream. He says hi Ted and talks to Abby's teddy bear about his problems. He says that if Jen would have just accepted his proposal he would'nt of had to lie to Greta. Then, he says it is all her fault.

Jack catches the smell of apple baked bacon and he says Jen is making his favorite breakfast food. Jack gets a suit on and a matching tie for him and Mr. Ted. He starts talking to the mirror about him telling Greta he's gay and lying to both Jen and Greta. Jack puts on some of Jen's favorite cologne.

In Abby's room, Jen is doing Abby's hair, so it can't be her who's cooking Jack's favorite breakfast food. Jen tells Abby that Greta is living here and she wants to know why. Jen says she lost her apartment and Abby asks if she payed her bills. Jen says yes, but the apartment wasn't hers. Abby asks if Jack knows and Jen says not yet and they go downstairs to find the table set. Jen is impressed as Greta tells them she's starting breakfast. Jen says they usually just grab something and leave. Jen tells Abby to go and get Jack.

Abby finds Jack and Mr. Ted wearing the same ties. She shows Jack how late it is and he says he should call Greta and ask her how she's feeling. Abby knows how Greta feels and Jack wants to know why. Abby laughs and won't tell him. They head downstairs. Jen asks Greta if she wants to give Jack a taste of his own medicine. When Jack and Abby come downstairs, he wants to know why there are four place settings. Jack thinks Jen made an extra setting for Mr. Ted. Jen says no just the people that live under this roof and he is confused. Jen tells Abby to give the grown ups time to talk and she goes to get the muffins. Jen tells him that she didn't make him bacon and Greta walks in and Jack asks why is she here. Jen tells him that Greta is living there now and she told her the big secret.

Jack gets nervous and Greta lets it slip that she didn't tell Jen. Jen says that she and Greta will become friends and friends don't secrets from each other and Greta says no they don't or something. Greta goes to help Abby with the muffins. When she leaves, Jen assures Jack that Greta will crack. She goes to get ready and heasks where she's going. It seems she has a breakfast date with Brandon. She comes back out in a low cut black dress and Jack disapproves. She arrives at the pub and tells Brandon that she's sorry she's late. Things were crazy at home and she made it to school in time with Abby. Brandon asks if she found out that big secret between Jack and Greta, but she says she didn't. She says she is getting warmer to Jack's secret, but Brandon says not warm, hot. Jen asks if he really thinks she's hot. Back at the Deveraux's, Jack begs Greta to leave. She asks why she can't tell Jen that he's gay and he laughs. Jack talks nonesense and Greta finally tells him to shut up. She gives him and ultimatum, either he tells Jen that he's gay... or she will... and he has 24 hours. Jack is shocked as she says this.


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