Days Update Thursday 1/31/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/31/02

By Justin

At Sami's apartment, Sami, Will, and Austin are having breakfast. Austin asks Sami if she got time off work and she says Larry is covering for her. Will goes to get his back pack while Sami and Austin talk. Austin drops a bombshell on Sami.... they are going to see Lucas at 3:00 this afternoon. Sami is surprised and Austin rushes her to call Brenda and tell her they are going today. He asks Sami if she wants him to make the arrangements, but she doesn't hear him. She tells him just to make the call. Sami is worried about Kate being there, but Austin says she's to busy with Basic Black. Sami tells Austin that Will had an ear infection, but that excuse won't work. When Will returns, he is happy to learn that he is visiting his daddy and finds the angel picture he drew.

In San Diego, we see someone coming to visit Lucas at the rehab center and the nurses wave to the person. The person goes into Lucas' room and the nurse says you and we see Lucas. The person turns out to be Kate and she asks Jane to give her time alone with her son as Jane tells her that they always tell Lucas when she is coming, but she caught them by surprise this time. Kate tells Lucas that Will is coming and he moves his fingers as she holds his hand. She also tells him Sami is coming too and he squeezes her finger as Kate says he's probably not to happy about that. Kate says she'll protect him and Sami hasn't changed. She says he has to make Austin realize who Sami really is and he can get his son back.

Meanwhile, at her office, Cameron arrives in a new suit.

In her car, Lexie drives along, talking to Rolf who keeps reassuring her.

Back at Cameron's office, the phone rings and it's Rolf. He warns her that if she fails she won't get the other suit case of money. Cameron says Glen Reiber isn't going to like that as Glen says what won't I be happy about. Cameron hangs up with Rolf and tells Glen it wasn't important. Cameron tells him that it won't be easy raising JT, but he is persistant as Barb tells him to think it through. Glen says I want my son as Cameron tells them about how much money it will cost. Barb says neither of them are the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they're happy. Cameron thinks they should take one step at a time. She also says he should take his wife's advice and think it through. Cameron leaves and Glen asks why she made him look like a dummy. She says he just speaks with his heart and not with his brain. She says she loves him and would never do anything to hurt him.

In the secret room, Belle and Shawn are sleeping until JT cries and wakes Shawn up. Belle is sleeping through this as Shawn tries to wake her up. Belle is now up getting JT out of the crib and says that wasn't a hungry cry. Shawn feeds him applesauce and Belle say she guesses it was a hunger cry. Shawn takes a bite of the applesauce and Belle opens the door because Rolf said he would unlock it in the morning as Belle was getting claustrophobic. Belle thinks it was smart of them to come there. Shawn holds JT and uses his hands as movement on what he is saying. Belle says he'll make a good daddy one day and Shawn makes it sound like JT's saying he's only 17. Belle didn't mean they would get married especially soon, she just meant one day he would make a good dad. Belle says she'll change JT's diaper and Shawn agrees to help. Shawn suggests going to Ireland as he knows relatives that will help them and he asks if she remembers Colin. Belle reminds him about College. Shawn says they need to get the courts to let them keep JT and they try to get him to say I won't go.

At the penthouse, Hope is alone as she reads a note saying that there was a party at Georgia's the other night and she went to check it out. Bo and John arrive and ask if she heard any news. She hasn't since the kids called her. John starts in on Lexie and Bo calls her a Dimera, she wasn't the person they thought they knew and she says you're not the friends I thought I knew either. John continues to insult her as she acts hurt. She says all she ever wanted to do was keep her son and asks if they wouldn't do the same to keep their children. Lexie tells Hope all kinds of things she did to her and she's not their friend. Hope says everything she said was true and that they might never be that close again. Lexie says their ex- friend Lexie came to the rescue again and tells them that the children are at her house. Bo asks why she didn't call last night and she says it was late and she promised not to tell anyone, but she woke up that morning knowing she had to tell them. She tells them that they're kids trust her and John calls her a liar. Hope tells her that after the DNA test proved Glen was JT's father, she realized Isaac must be her son. Lexie says he's her son and Hope says JT is hers. Lexie tells them to come get the kids if they want and she leaves. Outside in the car, Lexie flashes back to when Isaac called her mama and Hope promised no one will take her son away from her. Lexie says she'll do whatever she has to to keep her son. Back inside, Bo and John leave to get the kids. As the door closes Hope says she just realized something, Isaac could be her own flesh and blood.


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