Days Update Wednesday 1/30/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/30/02

by Justin

At the Cheatin' Heart, Jack arrives and orders a club soda. He looks at the pool table, remembering playing with Jen when she was pregnant with Abby. He pushes the ball while in the alley Nicole trips over something and yells. Nicole stomps in wanting to use the phone, because her car broke down and Jack figures the president of Titan should have a cell phone, but it is dead. Jack offers to pay for her drink and she says fine. They go to a table and argue. Nicole mentions remembering Harper Deveraux being an ex con and so is Jack. She asks for a cosmopolitan, but they don't serve cranberry juice. She orders a beer and Jack begs her to let Greta stay one more day. She refuses and he says his 7 year old has more sense. They argue until the tow truck arrives. She follows the guy as Jack follows them telling them to put it on his tab.

At the Blue Note, Jen and Brandon are talking about Jack and she again apologizes. Greta walks in, going to the bar and orders the finest champagne for everyone. the bartender pours while a guy comes up to the Princess and hits on her, but she tells him to kiss off. Greta tells him she's sorry as she is in a bad mood today. Brandon and Jen dance as she tells him she can barely see his face as he is so tall. He picks her up and she can see perfectly. Jen spots Greta and she spots Jen. She is crying and runs off. Jen goes to talk to her as she is feeling sorry for herself. She almost tells Jen the truth about Jack, but but realizes she doesn't know the gay truth about Jack. Jen and Greta go back to her and Brandon's table and she moas about being evicted. She flirts with Brandon as she is drunk and asks Brandon if he's lonely in his apartment. He says yes, but he likes the way things are. Greta wants to knock Nicole's lights out and Jen asks her to come live with them. Greta heads to the ladies room as Jen tells Brandon his eyes are amazing.

At the penthouse, Marlena asks Hope about her Gina memories, but Hope doesn't want to tell her. Marlena asks her if she wants this to end as much as her. Hope says she has always loved Bo and always will. The phone rings.

At Dimansion, Lexie is unsure about hiding the kids in her home. Rolf tells her she must think like a Dimera. He suggests the kids call home and he will supervise their call.

In the secret room, JT is asleep as Shawn kisses him. Belle admires Shawn for being such a good brother. She teases him about him sneaking into JT's room every night to kiss him goodnight. Shawn says he knows JT is trying to say his name, but he can not wait until he says I love you, Shawn and Belle says Shawn, I love you and her and JT will be saying that forever. They talking about the trouble they will be in as Rolf walks in, saying I have a present for you. He says theycan only make one phone call, but it can not be traced. They wonder why they can only make one call and he says teens spend 20% of their time on the phone. Belle calls her mom and tells her how much she loves her. Marlena says Hope's there and she hands the phone to Shawn. Shawn talks to Hope who is proud of him, but before he can tell her anything Rolf disconnects the phone. Shawn says he wasn't going to tell and Rolf locks them in, with Belle being glad she didn't leave Shawn alone.

Back upstairs, Rolf suggests she mend fencs with her friends, but she can't. Rolf says the closest to I won't go JT wiil get is goo, goo, goo. He tells her to pretend like she found the kids and be hero for a day. Lexie hugs him, saying he's a genius. Lexie figures fate brought Shawn and Belle to her and things are finally going her way.

The End

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