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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/29/01

By Justin

In the elevator, Roman and Kate talk about Austin and Sami as the elevator goes down. Roman doesn't see them as a big happy family, but they have no control over Austin and Sami getting married. Roman says he has a few calls to make and Kate agrees to wait. He calls Bo and Bo thanks him for lending him his car, since Shawn slashed the tires. Bo says that Shawn's paying for the tires. Roman says Bo would have done the same thing at his age. He tells Bo that he put the apd on his truck. After he hangs up, Bo tells Hope about what Roman said. Hope agrees that he would have down anything to protect his family if they needed it.

Back on the elevator, Kate learns that Roman wants Will to see Lucas and is happy. She keeps trashing Sami and Roman asks if she's determined to make him her enemy. Roman reminds her about how she set Sami up to die, but Kate wants to make things right with Sami. Kate feels bad because she didn't do anything about Lucas' alcohal addiction. Roman says that's what second chances are all about and she agrees. Kate wants her and Roman to get along better. Kate tells him that if he talked to Sami she might consider taking Will to see Lucas. Roman wants to know what Kate did to make her give Sami custody of Will, but she says it's what Lucas did. She hopes the wedding will make Sami get along with her and cries a visit from Will could give Lucas a reason to live. Roman says he'll think about it and Kate says bless you.

Upstairs, Austin flashesback to Kate telling him about either being a saint or foolish. He has to do the right thing and heads to Sami's apartment. In Sami's apartment, she remembers Roman's speech about her being self-absorbed. She heads to talk to Austin when she opens the door to find him walking out of his apartment to see her. They go in her apartment to talk. She apologizes about the way she behaved earlier. She explains it's a struggle letting Kate and Lucas back in Will's life. He tells her, he knows how she feels being justified, but Lucas is his brother. He says Will and Lucas need to see each other. She tries to pull out all the stops, saying no and if he doesn't understand it, she sees no future together for them. She says she's not playing games anymore, she loves him and that's how she wants it. He says he was going to give her an ultimatum, she has to take Will to see Lucas, but now he's not going to because she is Will's mother and she has the last word. He says he understands her hating Kate and Lucas because they almost put her to death. He takes her hand and tells her he loves her and there is no way he could not have a future with her. He apologizes for walking out earlier and they kiss. She says he's the only man she ever loved and we see a flash back of Sami making Caroline's chowder for Austin and how she tells him that it always cheers her up. Next, we get a flash back of Austin doing push ups on the ground and Sami laying on top of him. The last one is of when they were having a snowball fight up in the mountains or somewhere and they kissed. After the flash backs she says there's something he needs to know. She has decided that all three of them are going to see Lucas together and thanks him for being there for her. He agrees to make the arrangements and get time off work. He leaves and Sami says she will not lose Austin and will do what ever's necessary to keep him.

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope drive around looking for the kids. He tells Hope that if Glen found out about this it could hurt their case. It could ruin Shawn's future and make them out to be bad parents. Hope wonders if that could happen.

At the penthouse, John and Marlena return. He says it's been a hard day as she is quiet. She yells about hating what has happened to them. John says Lexie is lying through her teeth and Marlena wants to worry about their family. She yells for Belle and there is no answer. John thinks she has her headsets on, so Marlena goes up to check on her. She thinks Belle is out, but Bo and Hope show up and tell them what happened. They tell them how Shawn wants to teach JT " I won't go." They know the kids don't have money, but Marlena gave Belle $20 for school supplies. Bo thinks they can't get that far with little money, maybe for gas. Marlena calls Philip and he doesn't know where they are either. Marlena ponders on who would help Shawn and Bo asks about Brady. John calls him, but there is no answer. John and Bo leaves, Hope wants to go, but Bo tells her to stay in case the kids call. Marlena tells Hope that when she looks at her she remembers what happened between her and John.

At the Dimansion, Shawn says he needs money...and lots of it. Lexie tells him to take JT home where he belongs. Shawn says they need help. Rolf hand signals Lexie and she invites them in. Rolf walks in and Shawn says this is a private conversation. Lexie says they can trust Rolf as he introduces himself, saying he works for the Dimera's and the Carver's. Shawn doesn't want to involve him, but Lexie assures them they can trust him. She invites them in the living room as Rolf asks what they can do. Shawn explains him needing to get JT to say I won't go. As Lex hugs him, she says she understands how he feels and hugs him. Shawn tells them how they ran away, slashing his mom's tires and Rolf compliments him on that. Rolf says they cant' hide him forever and suggests they stay there. Shawn and Belle explain how they found the secret rooms at the party and Lexie tries to cover, but Rolf says there are secret rooms and they could stay in one. Lexie isn't sure, but Rolf reassures her. She is worried about Abe finding them and Belle says they just need one night there. Lexie agrees and Rolf heads off to find Bart. Shawn thatnks Lexie, thinking she's saving both their families.

In the secret room, Belle and Shawn get JT settled in and they talk about how this is not the way their third date was supposed to go. She says it's good preparation for marriage.

Back upstairs, Rolf says he hid the truck in a passage way and convinces Lexie she is doing the right thing. She says if Glen hears JT say he won't go then, he can stay with Bo and Hope and Isaac is hers forever.

The End

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