Days Update Monday 1/28/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/28/02

By Justin

At Greta's apartment, Jack falls on Greta's table as Brandon blows the whistle. He knocks the box over and Nicole picks something up. Greta tells Nicole to drop that and Brandon and Jack argue about Jen. Next, Greta and Nicole argue. During all the arguing Brandon and Jen slip out. Outside, Brandon asks Jen if she wants to get a drink and she agrees.

At the Blue Note, Jen and Brandon arrive and he orders a beer. It's hard for Jen to order so she orders a Cosmopolitan like the girls on " Sex and the City" drink. Brandon flirts while all Jen can to is babble on and on about Jack and Greta. She says she's sure something is up with Jack, she even invited Greta to live with them and Brandon is shocked. He kisses her hand, but she keeps talking about Jack. Brandon says it's obvious she's still in love with Jack and goes to leave. Jen asks for another chance and he says for now.

Back at the apartment, Nicole saw them leave and Jack notices them gone. He is upset that Jen didn't even say bye. Greta continues to ask Nicole to leave, but she doesn't. Greta says she put her heart into this place and Nicole says she's going to have to do and exorcism to cleanse the place. Greta keeps going on and on, so Nicole says put a sock in it. She calls Jack Greta's joker in her house of cards. She says that Greta needs to find another clown to fight her battles. Greta defends Jack while Nicole trashes all of Greta's other relationships...Eric and Austin. Greta tells Nicole that Victor probably kicked her out. Jack falls for Nicole saying that she never had any love in her life. Then, she comes onto Jack, kissing him passionately. Greta grabs a broom and swings at Nicole, hitting Jack in the crouch area. Nicole calls Jack a weirdo and a wuss. She says that Greta and her jester deserve eachother and she leaves. Jack says he's not a weirdo and Greta talks about getting kicked out of her apartment. Jack doesn't listen so sheoushes him on the floor. She tells Jack to get out of her life.

At Austin's apartment, Kate arrives at his apartment, thinking him and Sami broke up. Austin says he called her over about Lucas. She learns that Sami isn't to thrilledwith the idea and begins bashing her. Finally, she leaves.

At Sami's apartment, The doorbell rings and Sami trips over Will's truck, trying to get to the door. Roman says this better be important and it's about Austin. Roman learns about Lucas and urges Sami to take Will. Roman leaves and Bo calls him.

At the elevator, Kate goes in and Roman asks her to wait, only to learn it's Kate.

Austin looks at a picture of Will and vows to keep his promise. Sami is mad and doesn't want to take her son to him.


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