Days Update Friday 1/25/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/25/02

By Justin

At .com, Philip and Brady argue about Chloe and what she needs. Brady reminds Philip about how long it's been since he's seen Chloe. Philip is happy to hear that and thought he was chasing Chloe. Brady tells Philip that he doesn't chase after girls, but they chase after him. Brady thought Chloe and Philip were close to reuniting, but he was wrong. Philip is curious as to what Brady and Chloe did during the summer. Brady says him and Chloe sailed the Baltic Sea, but Philip doesn't buy it. He tells Philip that him and Chloe went to an art museum in Chicago, but then tells him that they just talked about it. Then, he says they went skinny dipping together, but Phil doesn't believe him. Brady tells him they just hung out while he was down playing Survivor in Puerto Rico. He tells him they went bowling and we get a flash back of them bowling. Brady tells Philip that Chloe's in High School where she belongs and he's where he belongs. Philip asks Brady if he'd go out with Chloe if she wanted to, but he says she is only 17 and into High School stuff and he's past that. He says Chloe wants someone more like Philip than him. Brady walks away as Philip thinks he's misjudged Brady and Chloe's relationship.

At the Wesley's, Chloe is looking at pictures of Philip in her room as we see tons of flashbacks. She lies on her bed while petting Nancy's dog Sugar. Next, we see flashbacks of Brady and her. Nancy walks in and asks if Chloe wants to have a girl talk. She wants to know what's going on inside Chloe's head. Chloe would like to know the same. Nancy rubs Sugar's stomache and recites the two heads are better than on speech. Chloe feels she's not brave enough to talk about Philip with Nancy. Chloe brings up Brady's name and Nancy wants to know what he has to do with it. Nancy asks if the reason Brady dislikes Chloe's relationship with Phil is because he's jealous, but Chloe says he's not. Nancy asks why Chloe hung out with Brady and she says because they have a lot in common, he loves music and so does she, he is independent and smart too, but he treats her like she's a dreamy teen, who's given up her love for music on a teenage crush with the rich High School quarterback. Nancy asks if that's true because she doesn't hear her sing around the house anymore. Chloe says she doesn't feel she's good enough and Brady told her so. Nancy tells her to dump both of them and not let a guy decide her future. She hugs Chloe and leaves. She lies on the bed with Sugar and says "Mom, I think you're right.

At the Deveraux's, Jen and Jack run into the door and get bloody noses. They get Kleenexes and stick them in their noses. They tilt their heads back to stop the blood from coming out and they argue about what happened. First they argue about Brandon, but next they argue about Jack and Greta. Jen says that once Greta moves in she'll know all about his secret. Jack asks if she loves him, but the conversing goes right back to Brandon and Greta. Jen keeps going on about his alleged relationship with Greta. Jen leaves to help Greta pack and Jack goes with her.

Elsewhere in .com, Brandon and Nicole meet up, both wearing black leather jackets. Nicole says she needs his help a she has an exciting look on her face.

Greta heads to her apartment to pack, and she really wants to crawl under her comforter.

At Greta's apartment, she arrives home and hears comotion inside her apartment and a woman whispers she sure has a lot of clothes. Next, we see her with a wrench preparing to enter when Jack and Jen arrive and startle her. Greta tells them that someone has broken in and Jen tells her about someone breaking into her apartment when she was little and you can never shake that feeling. They keep going on and on and Jack tells them they're talking like two soccer moms. He says that he's going to break the door down, backs up, and rams the door open, only to find Brandon and Nicole. Greta gets upset that they went through her belongings and Barandon helped her. Brandon says he didn't. Jack says this is the man you're having an affair with and Nicole is shocked. As everyone argues, Nicole whistles getting Brandon off the hook. Nicole says she knows what's up with Greta and Jack's relationship as they are nervous. Nicole starts in on how Greta is a princess and her princess complex and her need to be on a pedestole. She rants on about how Greta is adored, but untouched. Jack says Greta has a touch me vibe. Greta is happy when Jack comes to her defense. Nicole says as for Jack it's easy to figure him out... he's a wuss. Jack says he may be many things, but he is not a wuss. Jen backs him up, saying that Jack would go to the ends og the earth to save someone. Greta finds the buttons tore off of her dress and she goes to pushe the rack into her room when Nicole fights over the other side. Greta finds her black dress and Nicole rips it in half, saying oops, sorry. Jack says they'll get a lawyer and everyone starts arguing again and Brandon blows a whistle. Jack falls backwards and knocks Greta's jewelry box off the table and Greta yells my jewelry. Nicole picks up something and Greta says drop that and she grabs it out of her hands.

At Sami's apartment, Sami is picking up Will's toys and Austin walks in saying he should pick them up himself. He says Nicole took off early so he decided to come home and be with her and Will. Sami hopes that he'll always put her first and he questions her. She says she watched a talk show with a psycologist talking and Austin asks if she'd believe a talkshow. Austin tells her that if she expects him to love her more than Will then, maybe they aren't ready for marriage after all. Will comes in and asks Austin when he's taking him to see his daddy. Sami gets mad as she was supposed to take him. Austin rushes off as Will tells Sami that it was his idea. Later, Austin heads to answer his door and finds Sami and Will. Sami says they need to talk, but he says he has an early day tomorrow and he says goodnight to Will and he goes inside. Sami takes Will inside her apartment and says she has to get out of her promise, without hurting Will.


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