Days Update Thursday 1/24/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/24/02

By Justin

At the Deveraux's, Jen insists Greta stay with them, but Jack says no. They are on their way out the door when Jack brings them back inside. Greta says thanks for the offer, but no thanks. Jen continues to insist Greta stay there, but Jack says no. They flash back to when they agreed to move in for Abby's sake. They literally pull Greta apart, arguing. Greta asks if she has a say in this, but they say no. Greta almost reveals that Jack's gay, but Jack stops her. She manages to slip out, causing the door to slam in Jen and Jack's faces. They get bloody noses and wipe each other with Kleenexes. Outside, Greta says Abby's not the only child in thathouse.

At the Brady's, Roman is now there and Bo tells him about Shawn taking JT. Bo takes Roman in the kitchen. In the living room, Hope tells Alice how much Shawn loves JT. Roman asks Bo what Shawn was thinking and he has to report it. Bo convinces him not to call the station, but he has to inform them to look out for the truck. They leave to find Shawn.

Outside, Hope tells Alice that Shawn will teach JT I won't go. Bo and Roman head out and Hope follows them, leaving Alice alone.

At Dimansion, Shawn and Belle arrive with JT and overhear John's accusations. They hide as John argues with Lexie. They make a noise and run off before Lexie can see them when she opens the door to check it out. John calls Lexie a liar and Abe defends her continuously. Marlena watches as the three argue. Lexie finally gets them to leave.

Outside, Belle and Shawn try to teach JT, but are unsuccessful. They see John and Marlena leave and they head inside.

In the woods, John and Marlena stop to talk and he is mad that Lexie denied it when he knows it's true.

Back at Dimansion, Lexie plays innocent and Abe gets beeped. Rolf walks in and assures Abe that Lex won't be alone. He leaves and the doorbell rings. Lexie answers it and it's Shawn and Belle. Lexie asks what they want and need....they need money and lots of it. Lexie looks shocked.


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