Days Update Tuesday 1/22/02



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/22/01

By Justin

At the hospital, Colin stops Jen at the elevator. He says well we meet again
and she says hi again and bye again. He grabs her by the arm and asks why
she's so mad at him. She reminds him of how rude he was in Ireland. He asks
if they can be the same way they were in Africa and Jen runs off. Colin
flashes back to Africa. Then, he flashes back to when he was rude to Jen.

At the Deveraux's, Greta arrives at Jack's very upset and happy that he's
home. She tells him how Colin kept asking questions about his relationship
with Jen. Jack recognizes Colin Murphy's name and is curious as to why he
kept asking those questions. Jack asks if she lost her princess title and she
finally tells him that Nicole evicted her. She has 72 hours to move out and
she has no where to go. He tells her to buy the whole building, but she
doesn't want the whole building she wants her home. He asks her why she
doesn't buy a mansion to make Nicole green with envy. He starts jabbering on
and on about how Jennifer is right, he was never there for her.

Outside, Jen returns upset about Colin. She spots Greta's car and then, Greta
inside the house. Greta talks about Jack being gay and if he were straight,
she would give Jen a run for her money. She talks about how she could never
marry someone who is more like a brother than a husband. Jack tells Greta not
to touch him and Jen says Greta can't even touch him, there's no way they're
romantically involved. She walks in and rings a bell. Jack tells her that
Greta's moving in with them, since there vava-voom. Greta is just as shocked
as Jen, but Jen decides to beat Jack at his own game and agrees. Jen and
Greta leave to pack up as Jack looks puzzled. Outside, Jen says she beat Jack
at his own game and jumps up and down saying yes, yes, yes!

At the Dimera Mansion, Lexie is on the phone with Abe, who fills her in on
what happened. Lexie feels bad for Hope, but she tells Abe to listen to the
whole conversation because it could effect them. John walks in as Abe hangs
up with Lexie. Rolf tells Lexie that they have to move their plan forward and
they might have to take John and Hope out in the process. Lexie says she'll
do it.

At the station, Hope and Bo are upset upon learning the truth. Shawn tells Bo
and Hope that him and Belle are gonna step outside. She tells John and
Marlena and they leave. Shawn says he'll tell her the plan on the way home.
Inside, Mickey and Cameron go to do some paper work and Glen keeps shouting
that he wants his son. Bo tells him to shut up, but he keeps going on and on,
saying he's going and getting his son now. Bo punches him and attacks him.
Roman and John pull them apart, with John telling him Bo loves that kid. Hope
explains how it might hurt their case and they leave.

Cameron and Mickey have made an appointment with the judge and Glen really
wants his son. Abe leaves with telling Bo and Hope he's sorry. He arrives
home to find Lexie and Rolf talking.

Cameron takes Glen and Barb in Abe's office and he slams the door, which
makes Mickey jump.

At the Brady's, Shawn and Belle arrive and Shawn tells Alice the results. He
tells Alice he's getting JT and running away. They go upstairs and the car
pulls in. Belle thinks it's too late, but Shawn says the have to do this. 

The End

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