Days Update Friday 1/11/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/11/02

By Justin

At Austin's apartment, Sami arrives with "the wedding planner" Audrey and Austin is shocked as this is her surprise. Audrey tells Sami that she's lucky to be marrying Austin and gushes over his body. She tells them what the package includes, a video about the perfect wedding, and a Dvd. We don't see the movie, but after it Sami says she liked the part about the carriage and horses. Austin didn't like the ice sculpture of him and Sami kissing and Audrey continues to flirt with Austin as Sami tells her to get back to the wedding plans. Austin gets mad and kicks her out, saying we'll send you the bill. Austin asks Sami if she's mad and she says no. Austin asks what lengths she would have gone to, to keep him. First she drugged him to sleep with her, then she pretended Will was his son for two years and Sami brings up Carrey and Mike and how Carrey left him for Mike. Austin wants her to include the whole family in the wedding and they hug.

At the penthouse, Marlena is home from work as Belle arrives home from school. Belle tells her mom how she can not keep picturing her dad and Shawn's mom in bed and how does she make it stop. Belle doesn't know if she'll ever be able to face Shawn again as Marlena tells her how angry she was at first. Belle wonders how someone can brain wash another person into forgetting about who they love. She also wants to know if she's hiding anything else andMarlena wants to know what. Belle asks if she knew about JT's paternity when she fought with Brady and she says she did. She wants to know if she was so angry at John that she was taking it out on Brady. Then, she wants to know if they're getting a divorce and Marlena says to have faith in their family. Belle tells Marlena she feels icky and dating Shawn doesn't feel right. she asks how they can go out when they are practicly related and they share a brother. Belle goes upstairs as she doesn't want to talk anymore. Marlena wonders how Belle is going to get through this.

At the high school, Jan tells Shawn she thinks she's pregant and he is shocked. She wants it kept secret, but Shawn thinks she should tell her parents. She says her parents hate her enough already. Jan took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive and she needs money to get an abortion in Chicago and needs Shawn to drive her there. Shawn tries to talk her out of it, but she won't listen. She gets a call from her mom and leaves.

At the police station, Roman is shocked to hear the truth about JT and Bo asks Abe how long he knew. Abe says Lexie overheard a conversation between Marlena and Hope several months ago. Bo tells them about the scene at the party and how he caught John kissing Hope and Roman gets even more mad. Roman thinks that Marlena deserves better than John. He tells him how John and Marlena had a baby and it destroyed his marriage and he doesn't want history to repeat itself. Bo thinks Lexie was up to something that night at the party, but Abe defends her. Roman is afraid that John and Hope will be bonded by JT and fall in love. Bo heads home as Roman and Abe talk about the situation.

At the Brady's, Hope and Jen continue their talk from yesterday. Jen is sure Shawn will understand once he learns the truth. Hope tells Jen how Barb and Glen showed them proof, but Jen is sure that Glen will see how much her family means to her. Jen explains how Hope's been their for JT and stuff that Glen won't know what to do when it happens, like the FAS. Hope is worried about how Shawn will react as Bo calls and says he's on his way home. Shawn arrives home as Hope says their's something they need to talk about. Shawn asks if it can wait as Bo arrives home. He says they need to talk as a family as Jen leaves. Bo says they need to talk about something important.


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