Days Update Thursday 1/10/02



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/10/02

By Justin

(Short summary today, sorry)

At Salem High, Shawn finds Chloe and she asks how things are at home. He asks if she knows anything he doesn't. She says know and they talk about Philip. Shawn also talks about his a lot and doesn't realize that he is caryying on, and Chloe never grew up having a family. Shawn also tells her about him and Belle thinking about going to Pepperdine. Later, Jan arrives and Chloe leaves. Jan tells Shawn that she thinks he's pregnant.

In the lobby, Belle runs into Philip and she seems upset. Philip asks her whats wrong but she won't answer. They a little about Chloe when she comes out and Belle asks to talk to her. She runs off.

At the Brady's, Jen arrives to find a distraught Hope. Hope says she might lose her son and cries, talks about the DNA test, and JT cries. She brings him downstairs and tells Jen how she can not lose him.

At the copshop, Abe, Bo, and Roman argue over the baby switch.

At Dimansion, Rolf and Lexie pay off Cameron to switch sides and let them win the case.

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