Days Update Wednesday 1/9/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/9/02

by Justin

At the Kiriakis house, Nicole, Philip, and Victor are at the breakfast table as Nicole mentions something about Carl Lizsts. Philip keeps interrupting her, by saying pass the toast. She also mentions about her and Austin having a buisness meeting there. Victor gets mad because it is his house and she should have meetings with Austin at Titan. The doorbell rings and Henderson says it's Mr. Austin Reed here to see you and he takes his coat. Nicole takes Austin in the other room and tells him that they have to meet later as Victor does not want them to meet there. He asks since when and Nicole figures Kate has something to do with this. Austin doesn't want Nicole badgering his mom or anything. Nicole thinks that Kate wants to get Victor and Titan back, but Austin claims that Victor is the last person she is thinking about since she got a job at Basic Black. Nicole says that he really doesn't know Kate as much as he thinks he does and she tells him to open his eyes because Kate wants to get a job at Basic Black and then take over Titan and get Victor back. Austin tells her he'll see her at the office and leaves. Back in the dining room, Victor and Philip are arguing about Nicole living there. Philip tells Victor that Nicole isn't tiptoing into his room or Henderson's at night and he is old enough to be her grandfather. Philip tells him how kids at school are gossiping about it and stuff. Victor doesn't like it at all, but says Chloe is being nice to him because she cares about him. Philip asks Victor if he knows Nicole's gain money and power. Victor lets him know that Kate is not moving back in with them. Philip gets a clue that Nicole is not moving out, so he says maybe I'm the one who has to move out and leaves. Philip runs into Austin outside and he asks whats wrong and Philip says my dads got his blonde bimbo and he's got his, leaving Austin shocked and curious as to what he meant. Nicole walks into the dining room and is shocked when Victor declares she has to make new living arrangements.

At the Penthouse, Brady is yelling for Belle to come downstairs as she is talking to someone on the phone. Brady says it's important as Marlena and John are nervous, but Marlena says they have to tell her. Belle comes rushing downstairs wanting to know what they want. Then, she says she has to tell them something and asks if she can go first. John says sure. She tells them that they are moving to Malibou and they asks as in Malibou,California and she says yes and she would like to apply at Pepperdine. Brady asks if Shawn has anything to do with this and she says he talked about studying marine-biology there. Belle tells them to go next and John begins to explain the deal about Stefano, Gina, and him as Father John, with several flashbacks of the Sub-Sex. He finally gets to the point, he is JT's father. Belle breaks down and can't believe it as she asks if Shawn knows. They say probably no since he is waiting for her at school. Brady tells Belle to give Marlena credit by sticking by their dad for so long, knowing the truth. He also tells Belle that Chloe knows also and she asks if he told her and he says no, she overheard at the party. She leaves after claiming that if you love someone, you won't betray them.

At the Brady's, Hope comes downstairs holding JT and asks Bo where Shawn is and he says you just missed him. Hope says they have to tell him some time since Marlena and John are telling Belle. Bo says that's their buisness and the door bell rings. Hope goes to answer it and sees Glen and Barb outside. She tells Bo and she takes JT upstairs. Bo answers the door and wants to know why they're there. Barb tells him how they don't want the lawyers to handle it, they want to talk with them personally as Hope comes back. They asks Glen and Barb to come in and Barb tells them that they want them to know they're not there to cause trouble, Glen just wants his son to know he didn't abandon him. Hope says he's not his son and she is in tears. Glen pulls out the DNA resultsbut Hope doesn't believe it. Glen knows it's Marlo's fault and then, he starts talking about visitation rights and Bo says no way! Hope explains that because of their love for JT he survived the fall and came back to life. Finally, she orders them to leave. After they leave, Bo comforts Hope.

The End

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