Days Update Monday 1/7/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/7/02

By Rhonda

At the hospital, Sami asks Larry if Brandon is working, and Brandon approaches from behind her. He tells her that he wants to "talk" right away.

Nicole pays a visit to her mom.

Roman arrives at Abe and Lexie's and explains the situations. Lexie says it can't be true.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope tells John not to worry about the upcoming DNA tests.

Roman tells Abe and Lexie that the DNA tests must be don within the next 48 hours.

Bo and Hope remember back to when JT spoke his first word, which was "dada". Marlena tells John, Bo and Hope that they have to concentrate on the future.

Brandon takes Sami into another room, and he gets mad at her for talking bad about Jen and gossiping. Sami then accuses him of being jealous, to which he denies.

Nicole tells her mom that he dad's death has been bothering her, and they hug. They sit down and start talking about him. Once again, Nicole's mom defends Paul's actions to Nicole, but Nicole says that she will never be able to forgive and forget.

Brandon asks Sami why she does not want him with Jennifer.

Nicole hands her mom a video tape, called "Locker Room Lolita", which features her on the cover.

Abe tells Lexie that the DNA tests must be done. Lexie whines that Glen and Barb are out to ruin everything. Roman guesses that there is a possibilty of JT and Isaac being switched at birth.

Sami apologizes to Brandon and she admits that she is a little jealous.

Nicole's mom denies that the movie of Nicole is real and Nicole pulls out another movie to watch where Paul drugs Nicole to keep acting in the movie.

Lexie tells Roman that she will not even consider the possibility of a baby switch and that she will not allow a DNA test on Isaac. Lexie then orders Roman to leave because she is so upset.

Bo asks John if he did his DNA test for JT's paternity after JT was brought home from the hospital, and John says yes. Bon then wonders how it could be that the babies were switched, but realizes that it could be done especially if someone like Stefano was behind it. Mickey arrives to read the court order that Bo and Hope got. He sees that if Glen is the real father of JT, he can sue for custody.

Sami tells Brandon that she appreciates him as a friend, and Brandon asks if he can come to her wedding, to which she says yes. Sami asks Brandon if Nicole is seeing anybody other than Victor, and Brandon asks her if Sami is worried that Nicole is after Austin.

Nicole blasts her mom for defending Paul's actions.

Sami suggests that Brandon set Nicole up with a guy.

Nicole walks out on her mom.

Abe apologizes to Roman for Lexie's actions. Roman leaves and Abe tells Lexie that he just want to do things by the law.

Mickey tells Bo, Hope, Marlena and John that they have no choice but to go ahead with the tests. John decides that Shawn and Belle must be told that he is the father of Hope's son before the DNA tests start and Mickey is shocked over the news that he has just heard.


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