Days Update Friday 1/4/02



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/4/01

By Justin

At the Brady Pub, Austin, Sami, and Will arrive at the Pub for Will's request for ice cream. Caroline joins them and asks Sami to show her the ring again. They wedding plan and Caroline asks Austin about his job. Austin tells Will that when him and Sami get married he'll have a lot of brothers and sisters.

At another table, Belle and Shawn talk about their future. Belle questions Shawn about whether he's still going to join the marines, but he's thinking the navy. Shawn wants to take off a year of college and Belle reminds him of what the teachers told them, skipping a year of college could make things harder. Shawn's thinking about moving to Malibou and becoming a marine biologist. She tells him that she could apply for a college there when Sami strolls up to them. Sami wants Belle to be in the wedding, but Belle says only if the dresses are cool and Sami says she can help with the dresses. Belle asks if Carrie can go to the wedding, but Sami ignores that idea. Belle tells Sami the malibou idea and she says she would like to have a front row seat when they tell Marlena and John.

Back at the Reed table, Caroline asks one of the waitresses to take Will. Lisa takes Will to Grandpa Shawn while Caroline talks to Austin. Caroline tells Austin how lucky they are to have him in their families. Austin says that he would love it if Kate and Sami could be friends. Sami returns, only to learn that Austin wants her and Kate to be friends. Sami says she isn't leaving anyone in the family out.

Back at Shawn and Belle's table, Shawn says he's sorry, but he can't go to California. Belle asks why and he says because of his little brother.

At the Dimera Mansion, Lexie keeps telling Abe, I've got to keep my son. Rolf tells Lexie that Bo and Hope are not good parents for JT and Isaac. Abe disagrees, but Lexie keeps saying we can't lose our son. Lexie gives Abe an ultimatum, he's either with her or against her. Abe says there is no with or against in this. Abe refuses to lose his friendship with Bo and he won't do that to them. Rolf tries to warn them about John too.

At the Brady's, Cameron blurts out that there was a baby switch at the hospital, but Hope refuses to believe it. She's convinced JT is their son. Bo explains how he was afraid of this, how he went to the hospital and two of the nurses that were on duty the night JT was born confirmed a baby switch, he asks Hope to do a DNA, but she refused to do it because she was sure JT was hers. Roman says how sorry he is to be the one to serve them the papers. John tells Roman that it's impossible and he suggests John and Marlena leave as this has nothing to do with them, but Hope says John is JT's god father and they stay. Cameron keeps stating how Glen is gonna get his son back, until Hope goes into the kitchen and Marlena follows her.

In the kitchen, Hope and Marlena talk about how tough the truth is gonna be on Shawn and Belle.

Back in the living room, Bo finally gets fed up and kicks Cameron and Roman out. Hope comes back out and asks what they should do.

In the car, Roman snaps some more at Cameron and she says that if he breaks a rule she'll have his badge. In his mind, Roman says little brother I'll get to the bottom of this.

Back at the Brady's, they all hope it's a mistake, but John confirms it is because he took his own sample of JT's DNA. We get a flash back of at the hospital when John told Hope the truth. JT starts crying and Hope brings him down and Bo and Hope can't stop JT from crying, but John can. John is sure that he's right and Hope thanks him.