Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/25/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/25/02

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Today: Larry meets with Billie, who wants out of the kidnapping and later, Bo catches her with Hope's itinerary. Celeste suspects Lexie as John gets an idea. Shawn, Belle, and Brady take Rex and Cassie shopping as Marlena meets with Tony. Nancy has an ultrasound.

Cast: Larry, Hope, Zack, Bo, Billie, Shawn, John, Marlena, Rex, Cassie, Belle, Brady, Tony, Chloe, Nancy, Craig, Dr. Bader, Lexie, Celeste, Bart, Patty.

At Salem University

Chloe, Belle, Brady, and Shawn help Rex and Cassie move into the dorm. Belle suggests they go shopping, but Shawn leaves to meet with his dad. Nancy calls Chloe and tells her that she is getting an ultrasound, so Chloe leaves too. Brady offers to drive Chloe to the hospital, so she accepts, and Belle claims that she will be all right with the twins.

At the penthouse

Marlena finishes a conversation with Caprice on the phone. John arrives and learns that Cassie and Rex are Belle and Shawn's roommates at Hartley House. He is especially upset that she kept it from them, calling Cassie and Rex, Stefano's "minions." John goes to leave, but Marlena suggests she go. After hesitating, John finally accepts as she promises that she will be safe. John tells her that if she isn't back in an hour, he's coming after her as she leaves. John rushes off to find Belle.

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony is looking over the island pics as Bart asks if he wants to watch some ball on the tube. Tony ignores him as he says "the enemy is at the gate," telling Bart that he has nothing to do with the kidnapping. Tony talks about finding the truth before John and decides to go after Marlena.

At Java Cafe'

Celeste and Lexie meet as Celeste asks "What's wrong?" Lexie remembers finding the wallet as she tells her mom that she was not involved in the kidnapping. Celeste questions her as Lexie talks about Abe, and Celeste suggests she stop seeing Brandon and confiding in him. Celeste lectures Lexie as she gets angry, getting up to leave. Lexie sticks her hand in her purse, finding a piece of paper that wasn't in there before and leaves. After she leaves, she finds Hope's itinerary.

Elsewhere in Salem Place

Brady, Belle, Cassie, and Rex arrive and count their money. Belle makes an offer to pay with her credit card, but they leave to get money from Tony.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Marlena arrives as she and Tony talk about the twins moving to Salem U. Tony suggests she talk to Belle, as it was her idea. Just then, Cassie and Rex arrive to borrow money from Tony. He gives them a credit card and some money as Rex snatches it away from Cassie. Dr. Marlena, as they call her, asks about Hartley House as Rex says that Belle and Shawn are their friends and soon, much more. This comment disturbs Marlena as Rex covers, saying that they will be roommates. After the two leave, Tony and Marlena laugh about them being the typical teenagers and says that she will continue their sessions and leaves. After she is gone, Tony gets excited that he will be seeing Marlena a lot more.

At the police station

Bo is on the computer searching for leads, especially DiMera leads as Billie watches him, suggesting that maybe it is someone else, like someone who he put away years ago. Shawn arrives and he and Bo talk in Abe's office as Billie goes outside. Shawn watches Billie, telling Bo that he doesn't trust her one bit, but Bo tells him that Billie is not the bad guy. Outside the office, Billie gets call from Larry, telling her to meet him at pier 51. Billie continues to think that she has to stop, no matter what the cost. Later, after Shawn is gone, Bo finds something and rushes off.

In the secret warehouse

After Larry gets off the phone, he says that it is too late for Billie to back out now. Meanwhile in the cellar, Hope and Zack are sitting on the floor, eating pretzels, as she is worried about their future. Larry watches them as Hope wishes he would just take Zack out, so she can concentrate on a plan to escape herself. Larry loads his gun and leaves to meet Billie. He hopes that Billie doesn't cross him because if she does, Hope and her little brat won't be the only ones to never see Bo again.

At Salem University Hospital

Chloe arrives as Craig, Nancy, and Dr. Bader prepare for the ultrasound. Dr. Bader says that she can't tell whether or not it's a boy or a girl, but the baby is fine as Craig, Nancy, and Chloe hug. Chloe rushes off to give the good news to Brady as Nancy worries that the baby won't be a bone marrow match. Craig can see that she is worried, asking if there is anything that she is holding back from him. She talks about Dr. Sikes being the only man she's been with besides him.

Back at Salem Place

While the twins are gone, Belle and Brady talk about how John doesn't trust the twins or Tony. Belle rushes off as Brady spots John wandering around. John asks where Belle is, as Brady tells John that the twins are fine to him, but John doesn't think so as he rushes off. Rex and Cassie are back and have been watching from a distance as Rex says that they better be careful around Belle and Shawn. Later, Chloe arrives, chattering away to Brady about the baby as Shawn is also there. They all buy things as Cassie pulls out her black laced teddy, leaving Shawn and Belle embarrassed when she asks Shawn if he likes it. Belle gets jealous, telling Cassie that Shawn is her boyfriend and flirting is not allowed. Cassie asks if they are like her brother and Chloe as Brady and Chloe walk up, stunned that Cassie thinks they are going out.

Later back at the penthouse

John and Marlena are back home as John is angry that the twins moved in with Belle and Shawn, suspecting Caprice is working with the DiMera's. Marlena asks if he thinks she is working with the DiMera's too, as she says that Rex and Cassie are victims. Marlena thinks that they are better off at school than with Tony. John gets an idea (Spy School), telling Marlena that he has a way for her to find out all of Tony's secrets.

Later back at the DiMera Mansion

Lexie returns and wonders who is trying to frame her as Tony notices her being upset. She goes to lie down as Tony says that Lexie has to trust him. He talks about how he must stop John Black and the best way is through Marlena. Later, Lexie is alone, wondering who wants her framed. She thinks that whoever did this is very smart, asking "Who has you, Isaac?"

At Pier 51

Larry and Billie meet as he yells at her when she tells him about wanting out. He tells her that she is in too deep, and she will continue ... or else. Finally, a shaken Billie agrees. She leaves for the station.

Later back at the police station

Billie returns, holding Hope's itinerary as Bo comes in, asking her what she is doing with Hope's travel itinerary.

Later back at the warehouse

Larry returns and watches Hope and Zack as they crawl into the bed and go to sleep. Larry says "Cherish the brat while you can, Hope, 'cause you're not going to be with him much longer," as the credits roll.

The End