Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/23/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/23/02

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Today: Bo prays that Hope will come home as tragedy brings Jack and Jen into a kiss. Tony makes a deal with Colin as Abe tries to get Lexie to admit the truth. Brady and Chloe chat at .Com.

Cast: Bo, Hope's voice, Alice, Colin, Tony, Jack, Jen, Harold, Abe, Lexie, Brandon, Chloe, Brady.

At .Com

Chloe arrives at .Com to find Brady listening to Carmen. He offers to let her listen, but she is to upset. She just finished her first class at Salem U. and is afraid that she won't catch up. Brady makes a speech about all of Chloe's efforts as they applaud. Chloe tells him that it is probably going to drive him crazy with all that's going on with her, but Brady tells her that she already is driving him crazy, and he loves her. Chloe is shocked, but Brady covers, saying that he is glad to have the old Chloe back. They begin having flashbacks of talking at .Com and playing basketball.

Meanwhile, Bo and Abe search the secret room at the DiMera Mansion as Tony watches, claiming that Rolf used the equipment. Bo goes crazy and attacks Tony, calling him "a psychopath." Bo talks of knowing that the DiMera's are responsible, as Abe tears him off Tony and takes him outside, assuring him that he has a plan.

At Brandon's apartment

Lexie and Brandon are at his apartment as Lexie looks at the wallet. Brandon tells her that someone close by probably planted it. Lexie knows he means Tony and defends him. Brandon asks where she was when Hope disappeared as she gets upset, figuring he blames her too. He tells her that she has had previous breakdowns, as Lexie defends herself and then, there is a knock at the door revealing Abe. Brandon refuses to let him talk to Lexie, but Lexie okays it. Brandon leaves as Abe asks Lexie to open up to him.

At the Spectator

Jen is on the phone talking to the newspaper in Iowa as she is happy that they got the pictures sent, promising it will be on the front page. Colin arrives and accuses Jen of thinking that he is "involved" with the DiMera's and talks about it not being official. Jen tells him that it is and gives him a hard time about his friendship with Tony. Colin claims that Tony is in remission, and he is his doctor. Jen tells him to get Tony a specialist as Colin decides to do so and kisses Jen, but she pulls away. Colin gets a call from Tony, who tells him to get over there now. He leaves, as Jen remembers a conversation with him. Later, Harold comes in as they both wonder where Jack is. Just then, Jack comes strolling in, out of breath. Jen accuses Jack of not knowing about Hope's kidnapping, but Jack tells her that he just got back from Cedar Rapids. Harold is listening, but walks away with satisfaction. Later, all this emotional pain draws them into a very passionate kiss.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Colin arrives as Tony talks about Bo and the next part of his plan, but Colin wants out. Tony realizes that it is because of Jen and offers Jen to him if he helps him. Colin accepts, as Tony wants the entire town to know that he is innocent.

At the Brady's

Bo returns as he is talking to Shawn on his cell. He hangs up as Bo notices the door open and draws his gun, only to find Alice on the couch. Alice had brought him peach pie, but the guards are eating it. Alice comforts Bo, assuring him that Hope will be rescued as she leaves. He hears Hope's voice say "I love you," as Bo says "I love you too, Fancy Face." He prays to God that Hope will come home as a hand reaches out and touches his shoulder (Billie?), and he turns asking "Hope?" as the credits roll.

The End