Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/22/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/22/02

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Today: The mysterious man is revealed, after at least 6 1/2 months of cracking his knuckles, as Bo returns and accuses Lexie. Cassie comforts Shawn and then, he gets comforted by Belle and Chloe. Also, Lucas has a heart to heart chat with Philip. Andrew Massett returns as Larry Welch.

Cast: Hope, Larry Welch/Mysterious Man, Bo, Abe, Lexie, Brandon, Cop #1, Shawn, Cassie, Philip, Chloe, Belle, Lucas.

In Lexie's car

Brandon and Lexie sit after searching Stefano's secret spots all night. Lexie thinks of a spot they haven't searched.

At .Com

Lucas arrives and gives Philip a set of apartment keys. Philip thanks him as Lucas talks of how Billie is never there. They talk about their mother sending Lucas to military school, but Philip got to go to a coed high school. Lucas gives him a talk about love as Philip claims that he will always love Chloe. Lucas asks about Belle as Philip talks about him loving Chloe. Lucas tells him about how he chased after Carrie and that got him nowhere. Again, Philip says that he'll always love Chloe.

In the secret room

Lexie and Brandon arrive as they argue over whether or not Tony was involved in the kidnapping. As they enter the room, Brandon finds something useful. Lexie argues that she wants to find Isaac, as she passes out in Brandon's arms.

At the Brady's

Cassie arrives, assuring the worried guard that she came by cab, asking him to leave her and Shawn alone for a second. Shawn tells her that whatever her problem is, he can't deal with it. Cassie comforts him as Bo arrives. Bo tells him that Hope was kidnapped. Abe comes in as Bo asks Shawn to go back to school. Bo convinces Shawn to go to school as Abe asks Cassie if she heard anything suspicious at the mansion. Cassie says "No," as Bo assures her that's okay. Abe and Bo leave as Shawn is upset.

At Salem University

Belle finishes talking to Shawn on the phone as she and Chloe talk about Shawn's life. Belle wishes she could do more for Shawn as Chloe tells her to just be there and listen. She talks about losing her hair and how that got her down, but she is okay. Belle tells her that Philip isn't staying there anymore as they talk about him. Belle and Chloe talk as Philip arrives and talks with them for a few minutes. Then, Belle and Philip leave as Chloe looks in the mirror, wondering if she is over Philip.

Back at the Brady's

As Shawn packs his books, Cassie sees one on bio-ethics and mentions that she and Rex are taking the class. Shawn tells her that she won't be able to catch up as Cassie talks about her photographic memory. Cassie offers to tutor him as they talk about Hope coming home. Shawn hopes that Bo and Abe got something out of Lexie.

Back to Lexie's car

Brandon helps Lexie with the door as they climb in her car. Lexie finds Hope's wallet in the car as Abe and Bo approach, with him telling them to get out of the car. They all argue as Abe thinks Lexie is hiding something. Lexie slips the wallet to Brandon. Bo searches the car, finding nothing, so they go in to question Tony. Lexie wonders who would set her up.

Meanwhile, in the warehouse

Hope awakens and looks at Zack (we don't see him), promising that they will get out. The door opens, to reveal the mysterious kidnapper as he taunts her. He talks about having to sedate her, and Hope can't believe that it is truly him. The mysterious man steps into the light, and we see his face as he says "No, it's me alright. The one and only... Larry Welch." Larry talks about how his good behavior got him an early release and also mentions his plans for Hope. Hope asks what he wants, remembering how he wanted money, not a marriage. Larry remembers proposing to Hope as he talks about her saying yes, but then, leading him on. Hope claims that she did want to marry him, but she was a kid as Larry threatens her. She remembers him threatening to harm Bo if she didn't marry him. Hope tells him that Bo will find out as he talks about planting evidence leading to someone else. She tells him that he will go back to jail as Larry has a flashback of making a deal with Victor. Victor had said that he would get 2 years, but instead he got 20 years in pinstripes. Hope tells him that he'll go back to jail when he is caught as she asks why he kidnapped Zack too. He says that Zack could have been their child, vowing to pay Hope back as the credits roll.

The End