Days Update Monday 12/31/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/31/01

By Justin

At Austin's apartment, Sami finds Austin working and kisses him. She tries to lure him into the bedroom, but he is busy. He informs her that he will miss dinner and she gets mad and makes fun of Nicole, but he defends her. Sami wants to move to the country because Will likes animals and she wants a pond and a garden, but Austin says he has work in Salem and Will likes big trucks. Sami says Will needs a full time father, he says he'll be a full time father, and they will talk about moving in a few years. He leads Sami to the door. Outside, Sami says Austin's job and his boss has to go.

At Salem Inn, Roman arrives and Kate wants to know what he wants in 10 words or less. She finally let's him in and wants to know why he is there. She wants Sami out of her life and fast, talking about all the horrible things she has done, like drugging Austin into sleeping with her and her breaking up Austin's marriage to Carrie. Kate tells Roman to stop the wedding, because Austin doesn't love Sami and she is sure Austin isn't past all the horrible things Sami has done.

At Fay's place, Abe arrives and Fay greets him. She offers him apple pie and accepts. They talk about Fay's ordeal with Paul's death. Fay talks about how she thought Paul changed and Abe tells her she is just a good woman. Abe looks down and Fay asks what's wrong. He tells about the ordeal with Lexie. He thanks her for listening and leaves.

Outside school, Belle and Shawn meet and he is happy Belle has his ring on. She gives him her ring and he puts it on a chain around his neck. They talk about their future and Belle is worried they will be a continent away from each other. He has to go to basketball practice, but gives her a kiss and tells her he loves her.

At the Brady's, Bo remembers what Hope said about Billie and finds Hope at the stairs. She goes to the couch and cries. Hope says she loves him and Bo says they love each other. He tells her about the lies he told, he lied about not being JT's father, and his marrying Princess Gina. They talk about telling Shawn the truth and Bo thinks he'll understand. Bo calls John and asks to meet him and Marlena.

In Barb and Glen's car, they head to Dimera Mansion. Barb doesn't want a court battle. When they arrive she tells Glen to stay in the car.

At Dimera Mansion, Brandon shows up and Lexie is cold to him, because he left the party. he asks if her plan worked and she says yes. Lexie and Brandon talk about the money and Lex is sure Barb will leave. Lexie yells for Illiana to get the door, when the doorbell rings. She gets it herself and freaks when she finds Barb standing there. She asks Brandon to hide and Barb walks in, demanding the money. lexie tells her the money is on the way and Barb reveals that Glen knows the truth and he will want his son and Hope will want hers. Barb leaves and Lexie faints.

In the car, Barb tells Glen that he will get his son. Brandon wakes Lexie up and she kicks him out and screams she can't lose her son as she rushes upstairs to pack her things.