Days Update Friday 12/28/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/28/01

By Justin

At the copshop, Sami flips through a magazine about wedding gowns as Roman watches. Roman reminds her that Kate is also Will's grandmother and she has to include her in Will's life. Sami realizes that Roman is defending Kate and leaves.

At Salem Inn, Kate was talking to John about Parmalash and Basic Black. She hangs up and now is on the phone with Carl Lizts. Kate reveals how she is going to take Titan away from Victor and then Philip. Austin arrives and tells Kate the news about his engagement. She isn't too thrilled, but gets even more mad when he invites her to the wedding. She says there is no chance in hell she will go to the wedding and he tells her Sami has changed, but she doesn't buy it. He says that Sami loves him and makes him happy. Kate says that Carrie loved him and made him happy too. He gets mad at her. She tells him to leave now, and if he marries Sami, he will be sorry. He leaves and Roman calls, asking her if he can come over. She says to give her 15 minutes.

At Titan, Austin and Nicole discuss Parmalash and Austin says that Carl likes Kate, but Nicole says that Austin is their secret weapon. She invites him to lunch, but he needs to go somewhere and leaves. Later, Sami arrives, searching for Austin. Nicole invites Sami into her office and they go at it. Nicole asks Sami what God awful outfit she will try to squeeze in and makes a line across her chest, saying a low cut probably down to here. Nicole tells Sami that she gives women a bad name and Sami leaves in a huff. Nicole says that was fun, she should do it more often.

At the penthouse, Marlena walks in as John gets off the phone with Kate. Marlena is upset because she just returned from Hope's. Brady hears them talking about Bo and Hope's problem's and confronts them with the truth, that him and Chloe both know John is JT's father. He is positive that Belle and Shawn will both find out one way or another and it should from someone who loves them, not someone who wants to hurt them. John explains to Brady that it is Stefano's fault, but Brady doesn't buy it. Brady is sure that Belle will be upset because she worships him and adores Shawn. Marlena agrees with Brady, they should tell Belle the truth. She hugs Brady and tells him she loves him. John prepares to call Bo.

At the Brady's, Hope is on the floor playing with JT when he yells Dada. Hope goes to put JT down for a nap, but Bo says he will because they need some one on one time alone. When he returns, he tells Hope he is still very mad. He yells at her until she snaps. She says she has one word for him... BILLIE! HE says that was different(for those of you who don't know, Bo got Billie pregnant), but Hope disagrees. he yells at her and wakes little JT up. Hope goes upstairs and the phone rings. John tells Bo that he has to meet with him. Bo hangs the phone up, rips it out of the wall and throws it.