Days Update Thursday 12/27/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/27/01

By Justin

At the hospital, Barb is packing up when Glen rushes in. Glen tells her about his plan to get his son back, but Barb still wants the $$. He then tells her that he hired a lawyer,Cameron Reese. She walks in and Barb freaks. Cameron assures her that they will win.

At Dimera Mansion, Lexie is messing around as Rolf walks in. Rolf assures her he is taking care of it as Abe overhears and asks what. Rolf leaves as Abe wants the truth, the whole truth. Lexie finally says she'll tell him. She tells him that Glen and Barb are black mailing her because they found out that John is JT's father. Abe is shocked and asks why they are black mailing her instead of Bo and Hope. She says because Barb thinks they have money and abe wants to send a warrent out for their arrest. Lexie tells him not to.

At Austin's apartment, Sami watches as Austin sleeps. he realizes that he is late for work and leaves. Sami heads to the copshop to break the news to Roman about their engagement.

At Titan, Nicole reads the social ads and there is something about Sami and Austin's engagement in there. Outside, Victor asks Marie if Nicole saw the article in the paper. a phone call he was expecting comes through and he goes to his office to get it. Austin rushes in Nicole's office, apologizing, but she tells him to forget it. Austin suggests to Nicole to sell the stock and put it into two smaller componies for research. Victor comes in with the news article, and Nicole tells him to give Austin the credit. Victor tells her about Carl Lizts of Parmelesh and also is puzzled by Nicole and Austin's relationship. He leaves and Nicole shows Austin the pic of him and Sami in the news paper. Nicole gives him a hard time about not telling her about the engagement first. He leaves and Victor comes back in. He invites her to dinner, but she declines, because she has to work late. Outside, Austin asks Marie if she can stay later because he has to work late, leaving Victor puzzled.

At the Brady's, Hope waits by the door as Marlena arrives. They hug and talk about the secret that was revealed. Marlena suggests Hope call Bo and tell him she loves him. She does and Bo is cold and tells her not to expect him home tonight and he hangs up. JT starts crying and Hope picks him up as Marlena tells her love heals.

At the copshop, Bo is snapping at everybody when Roman walks in and tells him that he will send him home if he doesn't go in his office. Roman asks his brother what's wrong and all Bo tells him is Hope lied to him. Sami rushes in and asks to speak with Roman. Roman and her go into a seperate room to talk. Sami flashes the ring in his face as he admits that he saw it the first time.

Hope calls Bo and he picks up his cellular. He is cold to her and hangs up. He is at the coffee machine and has a flash back of finding out the truth. He says aloud I got to talk to Hope and grabs his jacket and leaves.