Days Update Wednesday 12/26/01


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/26/01

by Justin

At the Brady's, Shawn wakes up to find JT next to him. He tells him that Bo and Hope are the best parents.

In Bo's bedroom, him and Hope have their backs to one another as they flash back to another happier time in bed. Bo is silent, pretending to be asleep as Hope cries remembering Bo finding out that John is JT's father. Bo has an angry look on his face as Hope asks him if things will ever be the same. He gets out of bed to take a shower. Hope flash backs to when Bo promised to be a good father to JT and of her having JT and him marrying her in the hospital. She also remembers when Bo went off to Ireland and John being there for JT's christening. We get an older flash back of a young Bo and Hope sneaking in a movie theater.

In the bathroom, Bo prepares to brush his teeth as he has a flash back of driving Hope home on his motorcycle. He remembers giving Hope 24 tickets from her kissing boothe and they kissed. Bo flash backs to him and Hope getting married in England for the first time. He also remembers giving Hope his baby spoon when she was pregnant with Shawn. We see footage of when he took Hope and Shawn to the pier.

Bo remembers giving Hope divorce papers and her warning him things would never be the same. Bo takes his clothes off and gets in the shower.

Hope looks at an anniversary card to Bo from previous anniversaries. She goes in the bathroom and drops her clothes too and gets in the shower. We see a flash back of them on Smith Island as in the present time, Bo says he can't do this and walks out, leaving Hope heart broken.

Bo listens outside the bathroom door and sees the anniversary card Hope gave him. He remembers giving her the box that plays Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You.

Hope walks out, crying and having flash backs of them in the south, Bo rescuing her from her and Larry Welches' wedding.

Bo is now in JT's room remembering telling Hope that he could never forgive or trust her again.

Shawn and JT are dressed and now in their baseball caps. They run into Bo in the hall and ask him if he wants waffles. Shawns tells Bo that him and JT were up until 3 am. Shawn and JT go downstairs as Bo prepares to leave for work. Bo says he'll call if he'll be home tonight and Hope says they have so much to look forward to. Shawn's graduation, JT's first day of school and grandchildren. He tells her that he loves her.

Shawn and JT run into Bo again in the hall and tells them, they mean the world to him. Bo hugs them as JT says dada and Bo says he loves him.