Days Update Tuesday 12/25/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/25/01

By Justin

The show starts off with Mickey walking in the living room with Christmas presents. A younger Alice shows him the Christmas tree she decorated. Frances Reid and John Clark tell everyone to have fun watching the show as the old hourglass drops and turns into the new one with Macdonald Carry saying as through the sands of the hourglass so are the days of our lives. Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso walk up to the screen and introduce themselves as do Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall.

Peter and Kristian remember Bo and Hope's first Christmas together. In the flashback, Hope took a mistletoe from the party and placed it above her and Bo and they kissed. Peter tells Kristian how cute she was and she says was. Peter says well she still is. Peter flashbacks to their wedding last year and Kristian begins to worry about Jason Cook. Peter reminds her he is not her son.

Missy Reeves and Matt talk about Jack and Jen. Deidre and Drake flash back to when John gave Marlena the charm for Christmas. Missy flash backs to when Jack crashed the Horton Christmas party and Jen kissed Jack. Then, she punched him in the eye and they also flash back to when Jack dressed in a santa suit and gave her a ring. Jen mentioned a character named Hawk, who was a con artist and stole all of Jack's money.

Susan Hayes and Bill Hayes flash back along with John and Suzzane about when Maggie was on crutches. She hugs mickey and they kiss in the present time. mickey used to think he was someone named Marty when someone asks who that was. Susan explains that it's like Missy's character Hawk. matt talks of how Jack and Julie don't like eachother, but if he had known Julie along time ago he would have thought of her as...but Kristian doesn't give him the chance to finish his sentence, she says hot. Matt says he was going to say interesting, but Susan and Kristian prefer hot. Susan and Bill flash back to Hope's first Christmas and Doug didn't want to be with his daughter on Christmas. Julie walked in Alice's living room and found Doug and baby Hope.

Frances flash backs to when tom read the Christmas story at University Hospital as it shows a present picture of Alice reading it. She remembers in 1965 when it was first told by Tom.

We get a flash back of Laura and Bill helping Alice and Tom with the Christmas tree decorations. In the present, all the cast on this episode explains about how much they miss MacDonald Carey. Each member hangs an ornament with the rescue groups on it and the US flag on it.

At Dotcom, Kyle, Kirsten, and Jason are hanging out when Nadia walks in. Nadia asks if they were invited to the party and they say yes. They have a flash back of when Belle hit Brady with the scooter. Kirsten tells us that we she keep watching for surprises ahead.

Jay joins the group outside the Horton house. Kirsten and Jason talk as she tells Jason that when the clock strikes they will become their regular characters again. When the clock strikes, Shawn tells Belle he loves her and they go in.

Inside, John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope kiss as Jack and Jen tell each other they love each other and they kiss. Maggie and Mickey also kiss.

Outside, Brady asks Philip to give him and Chloe time alone and he goes inside. Brady encourages Chloe to sing their duo of Silent Night at the Horton's. They sing the whole song of Silent Night and Brady tells Chloe she sung like an angel.

Back inside, the tree is full with ornaments with names of some of those lost on Sept. 11. Mickey helps Alice put her ornament next to Tom's and the whole family stands in the background.The show closes with the grand daughter's of Alice kissing her on the cheek and of the Christmas tree.