Days Update Monday 12/24/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/24/01

By Justin

At Dimansion, Lexie paces around in her room. She leaves to greet Rolf when he arrives and abe follows her. Abe catches Lexie talking about Barb and demands an answer. She finally tells him that she is being blackmailed. Later, Lexie says that Abe will follow by her rules.

At the hospital, Barb admits the truth to Glen, JT is his son. Glen goes to leave , but Barb tells him that she has a plan to get JT away from Bo and Hope forever.

At Look Out point, Belle is speechless when shawn tells her he loves her. He gives her a ring and they get in his truck, talk a little, and leave. Belle is happy that she has the ring and Shawn.

At the Brady's, Bo and Hope argue about the secret and Hope asks Bo if he's gonna leave her. He says no and walks on to the porch. He asks who else knows and she says Lexie. Bo is mad and rushes upstairs. Shawn arrives and finds his mom crying. She tells him about the fight her and Bo had and he goes upstairs. Hope is hurt when Bo turns away from her in bed. Shawn gets JT and asks him if he wants to spend the night with him.

At the penthouse, Marlena and John arrive home and talk about Bo and Hope. They are interrupted by Belle, who looks happy. John gets the cue to go upstairs and Belle tells Marlena about Shawn saying that he loves her. Later, Marlena goes upstairs with John. Belle talks on the phone with Mimi, but then, hangs up. belle looks out the window at the falling snow.