Days Update Friday 12/21/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/21/01

By Justin

At the Wesley's, Brady and Chloe arrive home and Chloe is mad at Brady. He fixes himself a BLT and makes it completely wrong. Chloe fixes it and makes him cole slaw. Later, Brady apologizes for calling her heartless and she promises to keep the truth from Belle.

At the lookout point, Shawn tells Belle that this will always be their special place and he wants to build a snowman to protect their place. Belle doesn't want to get out, so Shawn makes it himself. When he's done he covers Belle's eyes and tells her that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Abe and Lexie head home and argue at the same time. Abe wants to know what she is keeping and she says nothing. Then, they arrive home.

At the Dimera Mansion, Marlena is worried that John won't be able to get through to Bo, but Hope knows he will. She says that she knows John and Bo better than anyone and Marlena asks do you know John better than me. Abe and Lexie arrive and Hope is cold to Lexie. Lexie is in fake tears as Hope lashes out at her, blaming her for all that's happened. Lexie says she'll get JT, but Hope says stay away from my son. Abe gets JT and Hope and Marlena leave. Abe has Lexie in tears as he wants answers.

At the Brady's, Bo returns home to find John. He says so you came back for more and swings a punch at him. John puts him in a choke hold, asking him to listen to him. Bo asks what and John asks him that if he knew from the very beginning that JT was his son if he could love him the same. Bo says no and John says that the reason he kept the truth from him was to protect their families. Hope and Marlena return home with JT and Hope hugs Bo. They go inside as Marlena tells John she loves him.

At the hospital, Rolf hides in the closet with the poison. Barb is sound asleep and the only other person in there is Rolf. He prepares to inject the poison into Barb's iv, but the nurse prepares to come in. Rolf hides in the closet again and the nurse hears the door shut. She heads for the closet and Rolf says that you'd better not open this door florence night in gale or you will be the one dead. Glen comes in and asks her if he could sit alone with Barb. The nurse says yes and she'll get him a cot, so he can get some rest. He says he'll help her and they leave. Rolf goes outside and says that he will silence her and leaves. Glen returns and talks to Barb about her being the perfect wife, never lying to him. She says that she's sorry, but she has kept something from him. Marlo had his son... in Salem..., but Lexie doesn't have him... he's with... then she passes out as Glen calls her name.