Days Update Wednesday 12/19/01


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/19/01

by Justin

At Sami's apartment, her and Austin are talking about their engagement. Austin tells Sami that she tried to get him for years. She is offended and thinks he is implying that she schemed to get him and tells him that if he doesn't want to marry her, he doesn't have to. Austin says it's nothing like that and they begin to make love. Later, they play games with Sami's robe tie.

At the Deveraux's, Jen and Julie walk in and Julie tells Jen she is going to catch a cab. She wants to talk to Jen about the men in her life. First, they talk about Colin and his being in Salem and Julie believes that Jen is still in love with Colin. Next, they talk about Brandon and Julie asks if she's serious about Brandon and asks if they kissed. Finally, they talk about Jack and whether Jen wants to remarry him. The cab arrives and Jen walks Julie out.

At the Blue Note, Brandon has drinks at the bar while waiting for Nicole. She arrives and Brandon gives her advice on dating. He suggests she move out of the Kiriakis Mansion. Nicole tells him that he shouldn't be giving her advice when he can't even get married or serious. He tells her that he's serious about Jen. Nicole can see that because he's taking things slow. They hug and promise to always be there for eachother.

Elsewhere, Jack and Greta talk about Vegas and Oliver Wentworth, but the subject changes to Jack's being gay. Greta finally realizes that after she told Jen that she was falling in love with Jack, he told her he was gay. He gets nervous and notices Brandon with another blonde. He tells Greta and he wants to spy on them. Greta agrees and hides behind a bush. Jack crawls on all fours under a table and the lady freaks, but her boyfriend scares Jack off. Greta cracks up laughing when she sees it's Nicole. Jack is embarresed, but they go outside. A car screeches up and Jack pulls Greta away and they just stare at eachother.