Days Update Monday 12/17/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/17/01

By Justin

In the cellar, Belle and Shawn get trapped alone as Brady and Chloe try to open the door. Chloe worries about Belle's claustrophobia, but Brady tells her not to worry, they probably like being alone. Getting out is the last thing on their minds as they are kissing. Brady and Chloe go back upstairs to find John as Belle&Shawn just keep kissing. Shawn decides it is time to find a way out.

In the bedroom, John asks Hope to say something and she says John in Gina's voice. Hope as Gina kisses John just in time for Bo to come in and see them. Bo tears John off the bed, wanting to know how long it has been going on. No one answers, so he beats the crap out of John, including smashing things over his head. Hope has Sub Sex, Bo and Shawn rescuing her from the turret, and telling Bo she was pregnant flashbacks as Bo and John fight. She yells stop it and Bo asks what you don't want me to kill your lover. Bo says you two deserve each other and storms out, leaving Hope crying. What John is worried about is the teens.

Downstairs, Sami and Austin are having a good time talking about their engagement. Alice tells Jen that she called a cab and leaves. Marlena worries about Bo, Hope, and John because they have been missing for a while. Barb is scaring Lexie about her revealing the truth while Bart and Rolf watch the fun. Everyone wonders where Hope is and Lexie goes to go upstairs, but Abe stops her. Rolf tells her everything was successful as Barb keeps nagging her. Barb grabs Lexie and argues with her, but Jen interrupts. Jen sees that Doug, Julie, Mickey, and Maggie are leaving and asks for a ride. Lexie walks away from Barb and runs into Julie. Julie wants to take some cake home, but Lexie is quite rude. Maggie, Mickey, Julie, Doug, and Jen say goodnight to Lexie and leave. Pop Shawn and Caroline also leave as Sami and Austin tell Marlena, Abe, and Lexie goodnight. They leave too as Marlena tries to go upstairs. Lexie tells her no as Marlena wonders why.

In Austin and Sami's car, they discuss on what to do when they get home as Sami asked the baby sitter to put Will to bed early.

In Mickey's car, the five wonder why Lexie was so pushy with getting them out of there. Julie says anyone who lives in Castle Dracula would be jumpy.

Back at the DiMera Mansion, Bo tears down the stairs wanting his coat. Everyone asks Bo what's wrong, but he won't answer as Brady and Chloe eavesdrop in the other room. Marlena asks what's wrong and Bo says I caught my wife in bed with your husband as Brady is shocked. Hope and John rush down as Hope tries to tell him that he saw Gina kissing John, not her, but he won't listen. Barb overhears the arguing and Bo demands the truth. Hope is in tears as Barb bursts in. Rolf tells Bart it just keeps getting better and better. Barb says I don't know about Hope, but someone else in this room is lying as Lexie starts to panic.