Days Update Tuesday 12/11/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/11/01

By Rhonda

At Chloe's house still, Brady tells Chloe that he cares about her and that he is not going to stand by and watch her put her future on hold because she is in a "destructive" relationship with Phillip Kiriakis. Chloe tells him that she does not like being talked down to, and Brady tells her that their relationship will be over then.

Shawn and Belle arrive at the DiMera mansion and Shawn asks her to stop of a sec. Phillip arrives at the mansion as well.

Jen stares at Colin from across the room in disbelief.

Alice, Maggie and Mickey sit at a table at the party and Alice asks Maggie why she is not up dancing. Maggie tells her that her and Mickey are taking a little break and Maggie comments on how Lexie put together a beautiful party. Alice remarks that she never would have seen herself before drinking champagne at the DiMera mansion.

Barb breaks away from Glen and goes to Lexie saying that "it's time for another chat".

Abe goes over to Bo and wonders where Hope is.

Meanwhile, Hope stands out on the balcony and has some more flashbacks. Dr. Rolf watches from his control room and his assistant tells him that he is doing to much to Hope, as it might be killing her.

Chloe tells Brady that he does not respect her anymore and that if he leaves her as a friend then he would not be the first. She says that she feels parylized and that her art (her singing) should come first but she has been questioning her existence and that she has been an untalented fraud. She knows that it has been due to her and Phillip.

Phillip watches Shawn and Belle kiss outside and Marlena comes out of the mansion to check up on Shawn and Phillip. The three of them come inside and the doorman asks for their invitations. Phillip overhears and realizes that the security is tight.

Shawn (Bo's father) and Caroline welcome Colin and his fiancee. Colin looks around.

Barb prods Lexie into giving her the downpayment on the 2 million dollars or else she will let out the big news about the baby switch. John comes along and asks if there is a problem, which the two women deny.

John catches up with Shawn and Belle and Belle asks John and Marlena if Brady has arrived yet, which her hasn't. Belle then asks Nancy if Chloe has either and Nancy tells her no.

Hope goes back inside and almost cannot keep standing up straight as she has more flashbacks. Dr Rolf and his assistant fight at the controls in the control room about how much power they are pumping into Hope. Bo finds Hope and can see that she does not look well. He asks her what is wrong.

Chloe tells Brady that he has become one of the most important person in her life and the only one that she can talk to. She goes on about how she can see that she is exasperated, but for him to be patient, and not leave her like so many people in her past have done. Brady asks her if she wants to go to the party now and they leave the house.

Phillip peers in a window at the mansion and a man approaches him and asks him what he is doing.

Maggie and Mickey approach a spaced out Jen and they ask her if she is alright, to which she replies that she is fine. Mickey and Maggie tell Jen that being in there is strange and that there are lots of ghosts in the place.

A tipsy Sami and Austin say hi to Shawn and Belle and return to the dance floor., where Sami tells Austin that she will wait for the right time to make her announcement.

Barb goes up to Craig and Nancy and Craig tells her that Barb's slashed face is healing nicely. Barb hints to Craig something to do with medical errors and walks away, saying she will save it for another time.

Abe asks John if he is having a good time and wonders why Lexie is so tense.

Hope says to Bo that she is dizzy and tired and Bo asks her if maybe she is pregnant. Hope says that it would be wonderful if she was.

Dr Rolf and Bart the assistant argue some more and (for some strange reason) Dr Rolf wheels around in his chair and shoots a bullet at someone (not Bart) with a silencer.

The guy outside the mansion asks Phillip what he is doing and then Phillip offers a bribe in order to get in. The man tells Phillip to put his hands up and to face the wall. At the same time, Brady and Chloe arrive outside and Chloe looks over to see what is happening.

Nancy and Craig chit chat with Colin and his fiancee Elizabeth about the party. Colin and Elizabeth go out on the dance floor.

Maggie takes Jen aside and tells her that she can see that Jen is upset and that she is there for her. Maggie offers to get Jen some dessert and leaves for a sec. Jen thinks back to when her and Colin were at the campfire in Africa the day that he tells her that he is leaving to go back to Ireland.

Bo and Hope dance and Bo wakes up a tuned out Hope who tells him that she is going to freshen up. Hope then runs over to John and asks him if he can help her.

Lexie walks into the control room and asks Dr Rolf what he is doing. She tells Rolf that Brandon has deserted her and that Barb is ready to spill the beans so she is in trouble.

Chloe and Brady continue to walk by after they realize that she cannot see who the person is that is being searched. The man with Phillip asks him to leave and when he turns around, Phillip takes off.

Brady and Chloe come inside and Belle and Shawn spot them. Brady asks Chloe to dance.

Caroline introduces Sami and Austin to Colin and Elizabeth. Sami almost blurts out that Austin is her fiancee when Colin introduces Elizabeth as her fiancee.

Jen chats on her cell phone to the babysitter and Colin walks by, turns around, and faces Jennifer.

Bo tells Marlena that Hope is not feeling alright.

Hope tells John that he was right after all, and she tells him how she has been seeing images/flashbacks. She says that the reason that she is dizzy is because she might be pregnant, and John tells her that she is ignoring the truth, and that it is really due to the chip in her brain. Just as he is really getting into it with her, Marlena and Bo come along and Bo leaves to go dance with Hope.

Lexie tells Dr Rolf that he cannot even control John let alone Hope or Barb. Dr Rolf suggests that Lexie go back out to the party and just to keep up the charade a little longer. When Lexie leaves, Rolf tells Bart that he might have to get rid of Lexie, John and Barb.

Phillip hides in the bushes and watches Chloe and Brady dance through the window.

Inside, Chloe tells Brady that she is glad that they came to the party and that she now understands that he believes in her more so than her herself.

Belle and Shawn discuss Brady/Chloe/Phillip while they dance.

Craig spins Nacy around on the dance floor and Nacy notices how Chloe is enjoying herself.

Barb tells Lexie that the party is really lame and boring. Lexie tells her that the reason that she does not have the $$ for her is because she forgot. Barb tells her that she has a few hours to come through on the money.

Colin and Jen stare at each other while remembering dancing to the song that is currently playing at the party (Unchained Melody).

Marlena mentions to John that she does not understand Hope feeling ill due to her memories and that paranoia is contagious, reffering to John.

Bo takes Hope aside alone and they start to dance, but Hope sees and image of her dancing with someone else at another party.

Phillip spots an alarm keypad on one of the doors and hides back in the bushes when someone comes out.

Chloe and Brady dance and Shawn and Belle kiss on the dance floor.

Sami tells Austin that she now has everything she has ever wanted and that everything is perfect.

Colin and Jen exchange "hi's" and he asks her if she remembers the song that was just playing.

Abe approaches Barb and Glen and asks them to leave because they are causing discomfort for the other guests.

John ponders to Marlena what is really happening with Hope and Belle and Shawn interrupt.

Hope tells Bo that she saw an image of herself and Bo realizes that those images were from Gina. He then pushes her to leave with him immediately.

Dr Rolf sees that Bo and Hope are going to leave and shouts at Lexie to go after them to make sure that they don't.

Jen walks away from Colin and then Elizabeth returns.

Maggie notices that Jen is missing somewhere.

Abe looks for Lexie.

Phillip tries to open the alarmed door and gets caught by some men outside when the alarm goes off.

Dr. Rolf tells Bart that Lexie better prevent Bo and Hope from leaving or else he is going to have to take over.

Lexie sees Hope and Bo getting ready to leave. The end :)