Days Update Monday 12/10/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/26/01

By Justin

At Buddy's Burger Barn, Belle and Shawn are outside and Shawn goes to get a burger. Shawn bugs Belle about her not wanting a bite. She finally gives in and takes a frenchfry. Then, she takes a bite of Shawn's burger and he eats the rest of it.

At the Wesley's, Nancy and Craig are ready, but Nancy can't find her keys and she goes to look for them. Craig sees Chloe on the couch looking depressed and Nancy comes back. Nancy asks Chloe what's wrong and she says she's not going. Brady calls her as he is right outside and tells her so. She tells him to come in and the doorbell rings. Chloe says she'll get it and Brady comes in. Chloe tells them that she's going to the party with Brady. They leave and Brady tells Chloe that they can't be friends if she keeps pining after Philip.

In Philip's room, he is in his tux and prepares to leave until Nicole knocks on the door and asks if he's ready for the movie. He looks out the door and she barges in and sees him in his tux. Nicole figures out that he's going to crash the party and tries to convince him not to, but he's persistant.

At the Dimera Mansion, Rolf begins to transfer memories into Hope's brain and she is dizzy, but gets more dizzy when she sees Glen and Barb. Bo tells her to come down and goes to talk to Abe. Jen stares across the room as Brandon comes back and Jen says that she can't believe they would do this to Bo and Hope. Jack is spying on Jen as Greta is looking for Colin. Elizabeth left her purse in the car so her and Colin go to get it. John asks Lexie who she was talking to and she covers up. She walks away, but John is still suspicious. Marlena finds John and asks him what's wrong. Bo asks Abe who invited the Reiber's and he doesn't know, but says he will talk to Lexie. The spot is placed on Glen and Barb as Lexie explains that she invited them. She also says that everyone should try to forgive them for stealing Hope's baby.

Austin and Sami mingle with John and Marlena as John and Austin go to get champagne for their women. Sami tells Marlena that Brandon and Jen are wrong for eachother as Austin and John arrive back. Lexie calls Rolf and tells him that Hope is alone. John approaches Bo and Hope and tells them to get out of there now and Bo looks offended. John walks off and tells Marlena that something doesn't feel right. Jack goes up to Lexie and asks him for a job, but she blows him off. He walks up tp to John and asks for a job and he blows him off too. Lexie drags Brandon away as Jen watches.

Lexie asks Brandon to help him, but he says no and gets beeped. He leaves as Jen and Jack both wonder why. The Wesley's arrive. Colin comes in and him and Jen stare from across the room.

Lexie calls Rolf and tells him that Hope is alone again. He says he might as well transfer all the memories. He pulls the switch and Hope is flooded with memories and looks like she is going to faint.