Days Update Friday 12/7/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/7/01

By Justin

In Bo's car, Jen, JT, Hope, and Bo head to Lexie's party while Jack and Greta pull up right beside them as they stop at a red light. Jen gets mad as Jack waves and says it's Jennifer like an idiot. Bo, Hope, JT, and Jen drive off as Jack and Greta head to the party. Jen wonders if Colin will be there and Bo says he doubts it.

Meanwhile, Colin has his tux on and he is looking in the mirror. Elizabeth walks in with a copper dress on, ready to go.

In the secret room, Rolf and Bart wait for the transformasion to begin, which means Hope has to be there. On the computer screen a digital picture of Gina is spinning around.

Outside, Sami and Austin arrive with Brandon right behind them. Sami asks why Brandon is alone, not with Jennifer Horton. Brandon says because you said I wasn't good enough for her and Austin is shocked. They all head in.

John and Marlena arrive and Lexie tells them that it will be a night they never forget as she fingers her necklace. John tells Malena he's still suspicious of Lexie. Abe walks in and hugs Marlena. Alice, Maggie, and Mickey arrive and Lexie goes to greet them. Abe tells Mickey he's lucky to have two beautiful girls there instead of one. Alice mentions to Lexie that she can't believe the two of them living there. Austin and Sami walk in and Lexie asks what she's doing there. Austin tells her that they can just go to Tuscany, but Lexie let's them stay. Brandon walks in and still thinks what Lexie's doing is a bad idea.

Bart sees Sami's dress from the computer and stares at her. Rolf says forget it Bart she's a Brady. The guest of honor arrives outside as Rolf says something like the guest of honor has arrived. Jack and Greta are right behind Jen, Bo, Hope, and JT. Jen blows him off and they go inside. Colin and Liz arrive at the door as the guard tells him to let him see the invitation. Liz is impressed by the Dimera Mansion. Jen finds Brandon and they are happy to see eachother as Colin and Jen spot eachother when Liz and Brandon leave them. John drags Hope into the corner to talk as Bo watches Pop Shawn hold JT. Doug and Julie arrive as Lexie greets them. Julie sees crab puffs and walks off. Hope tells John that he won't take the chip out of her brain in a Gina accent. She starts talking in the accent as John is freaked out. Hope walks off and begins having memories. She runs and grabs JT and hugs him.

Barb and Glen arrive and make commotion at the door. The guard says invited guests only as Lexie approaches and says she'll handle it. Lexie tells them to leave now as Barb threatens to reveal the truth. Lexie let's them stay. Lexie calls Rolf and tells him what's up. He says that he'll handle it and sticks a silencer pistil in his pocket. Bart gets hungry and leaves.

Lexie calls Rolf again; he is ready and pulls the switch. Hope has a lot of memories of Gina as John approaches. Lexie and asks who she's talking to.