Days Update Thursday 12/6/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/6/01

By Rhonda

Jack and Jen banter over the hair dryer in front of Abigail who remarks that they "it's good that they are going out together, just like when they were married". Jack has hair clips in his hair, which looks funny!

Nancy asks Chloe if she has found a dress for the party and Chloe tells her that she has changed her mind and that she is not going.

Brady dresses up in a tux and compliments Belle on her dress and she does the same back. They hug when Belle tells him that the upcoming party is going to be great.

Bo comes inside his house from the cold after Hope asks him to come in. Bo asks Hope how she can look so beautiful and Hope catches on that Bo is doing his best to make her late for the party.

John arranges his bow tie and Marlena helps him while telling him that she knows how every man that she knows must be missing the bow tie gene. John tells Marlena that something is going to happen at the party, and there is no way that he can stop it.

Lexie takes care of last minute arranging at the party. She tells the servants to "put the flowers outside, keep the french doors open, and not bring out the congac glasses till later". Abe tells her to lighten up because she is making the staff too tense. Lexie tells him that the night is too important to screw up.

Dr.Rolf tells his henchman that he has been planning the evening for years and it is the culmintation. He mentions that the evening is coming after all his years of "hard scientific work", and that for some guests it will be a nightmare that they will never forget.

Bo denies to Hope that he is not trying to ruin her evening and that she is the mom of the millenium. He admits that he is uncomfortable wearing a "monkey suit" but that he will go for her sake. He runs upstairs to change while Shawn waits with JT.

Brady tells Belle that she is forgetting something, and she looks down at her feet to her slippers that she is still wearing. She wonders why she has forgotten about her shoes, as she had just bought them. Brady tells her that she always forgets her shoes when she is excited about something. Belle asks if he is thinking about Chloe and he admits that he has been thinking about her. Belle wonders if Chloe has runs into Phillip yet and Brady says that he is not sure but that he had a talk with Phillip, where he persuaded him to leave Chloe alone for now because she needs time to heal. Belle tells Brady that he is one of the sweetest guys she knows, next to Shawn. Brady tells her that guys don't like to be called sweet.

John tells Marlena that Lexie has been acting strange lately and that he can't figure out why. He tells her that he thinks that maybe Lexie somehow wants Hope to become Gina again and Marlena asks why, but is interrupted at the top of the stairs by Brady and Belle, who asks if everything's alright. Marlena asks them what they heard and Belle repeats the part about Lexie becoming Hope, which makes John frown.

Dr Rolf's henchman tells him that everything in the lab is good to go. The henchman then asks him who Henrietta Capshaw is, and Dr. Rolf attacks him, starting to choke him. Rolf asks him where he heard that name, and how dare he spy on him!!! Rolf lets go and the henchman explains that he started looking through the files and he saw the woman's name pop up under the heading "test subject" and that she was involved in a lot of experiments with machines similar to the one that they have hooked up there for the night. The henchman realzies that Henrietta is dead because of the machine, and Lexie walks in and demands an answer from Dr. Rolf.

Nancy tells Chloe that she thought that Chloe felt better after their talk. Chloe says that she did but that it didn't last. Nancy tells here that even though she is feeling insecure right now, that alone should give her a reason *to* go to the party, and that being the girlfriend of some rich kid like Phllip Kiriakis is not that important in order to feel good about yourself. Nancy lets Chloe know that she is going to get ready for the party and she hopes that Chloe will too.

Phllip sees a headline for the party of the year in the Spectator and wonders if Chloe and Brady are going to be there. He decides that there is only 1 way to find out.

Jen tells Abby that yes, her and Jack are going to the party together and asks her to grab her black shoes because Bo and Hope are going to be coming to get them soon. Jack asks Jen why she has told Abby that they are going together when he is going with Greta and she is meeting Brandon there. Jen tells her that Abby has had her hopes dashed so many times regarding them. Abby returns and tells Jen that she looks like a fairy princess. Jack overhears and agrees that she looks beautiful.

John tells Belle and Brady that they know all they need to know and that he doesn't want to get into it right now. John asks them if they are going to get changed, and Belle tells him that she is wearing what she has on (blue dress). John asks her why she is not wearing a pink dress that she wore at some wedding and Belle reminds him that she was 10 at the time. She says that she is practically old enough to have a wedding of her own and John is taken aback. Brady and Belle laugh when she tells him that she likes to see all John go pale over stuff like that. Marlena calms John down by saying that he is just having a hard time letting go of his little girl. She remarks that she is comfortable knowing that Belle is responsible and beautiful. Brady pouts his lip and asks about himself, and Marlena says he is too. Belle tells John and Marlena to leave without her because Shawn is picking her up. She says that going with them would be "lame", and John asks Brady if him going with them is "lame" as well. He agrees. Brady leaves and John tells him to be careful. John asks Marlena what she meant by the comment that she made about Belle being responsible while giving Belle a "look". Marlena says she she doesn't know what "look" she gave Belle, but Belle just tells John that it has to do with a conversation that they had earlier about if her and Shawn were making "mad passionate love". John looks stunned.

Bo races down the stairs and Shawn leaves to go get Belle. Hope notices Bo's wet hair and they kiss. Bo admits that he was dragging his feet while getting ready because he did not really want to go to the party but he remembered how Hope said that it was really important for him to go. He tells her however, that he still does agree with John that going to the party might not be a good idea because he has a feeling that something bad might happen there.

Dr. Rolf tells Lexie that she misheard, and that the woman that they were talking about was an employee that was dismissed years ago. Lexie tells him that she does not believe him and that Hope is her friend, and that she won't let him aim that "thing" at her. Lexie then says that "operation bring back Gina" is off unless that he can convince her that it is safe. Dr Rolf tells the henchman Bart to go sit down by the machine.Bart tells Dr Rolf not to turn him into princess Gina. Dr Rolf aims the machine at Bart and Bart pleads for his life. Rolf turns on the machine and aims a beam at Bart's head, who then keels over.

Abby picks up some fake eyelashes and asks Jen what they are. Jen tells her that she does not wear them anymore. Jack overhears and then has a flashback to when he last remembered Jen wearing them.

Brady arrives at Chloe's and he asks her if she has talked to Phillip. She says that she hasn't, and he is relieved because he has talked to him already for her when he told him to stay away from her.

Belle asks Marlena to help her out, and Marlena tells her that she is on her own. Belle explains that everything's cool, and John tells her that he hopes so. Shawn arrives at the door and he compliments Marlena and Belle. John asks them to come along, but Marlena tells John that she wants to be alone with her "date" tonight. John and Marlena step outside the door, and John asks Marlena to promise him that whateve happens that night, he wants her to know that he always loves her.

Dr Rolf and Lexie worry that something horrible has gone wrong. when Bart jumps up and admits that he was just faking. Dr Rolf asks Bart to be his subject again and Dr Rolf turns the machine on. Rolf asks Bart to quote something from Shakespeare and Bart starts quoting some lines. Dr Rolf asks Lexie if she is satisfied and Rolf shows her how the subject can switch from normal to being under control. Lexie lets them know that it looks fine and that she hopes nothing goes wrong. She leaves and Dr Rolf gets mad at Bart for almost blowing his acting job for Lexie but slumping in the seat. Bart asks Rolf if he is sure that the machine works or not and Rolf tells him not to worry, that he is ready for war.

Hope gets mad at Bo for being as bad as John about Lexie. She tries to comfort him by saying that they are going to a party thrown by her best friend, so nothing could go wrong, plus, if she falls, he will be there to catch her. Bo tells her that he doesn't like to be at the DiMera mansion for any reason, and they hug. Bo asks her if they have some time left before they leave....

Dr Rolf flicks around the video cameras that are installed and wonders what will happen with Lexie that night. Lexie gets a delivery from a man and she opens it to see a necklace with a black pendant inside. She is told that it was sent by a man to "remind her how special she is", and when Abe comes into the room, she hugs him and thanks him for it. Abe tells her that he did not send her a gift, and she wonders who did.

Jack spies on Jen getting ready and he had another flashback to that same day when Jen had her fake eyelashes on. In the flashback he removes the eyelashes and tells her that he is going to save them to remember how he told her how beautiful she was. Jack comes back from the flashback and goes to pick up the eyelashes. He asks Jen if she remembers the first time that she wore them and she tells him that of course she does, how could she have forgotten???

Chloe gets mad at Brady for speaking to Phillip and how he had no right to intefere. Brady tells her that it was not the reaction he expected, and she tells him that her and Phillip were together for over a year, and that it's not something that is easy to forget and throw away. Brady says that there is nothing left to say and leaves.

At the party, Dr Rolf interrupts Lexie and Abe and asks to speak to her. Rolf tells her to stay calm/in control and she worries that she might not be able to. Rolf asks her to look at the black pendant closely in the light, and she sees an image of a moving Phoenix. Rolf tells her that Stefano wants her to remember that the Phoenix ultimately rises above and that she is a DiMera, just like her father.

Jen tells Jack to scram while she gets dressed and Jack tells her on the way out that he is glad that she remembers. She looks in the mirror after Jack and Abby leave and thinks that maybe she can work something out with Jack, yet.

Chloe follows Brady outside and tells him not to leave that way. He tells her not to play games with her and she tells him that she would not do that to her best friend. They hug and he tells her that he will see her at the party. He leaves.

Phillip picks up a picture of him and Chloe and thinks that he and Chloe will talk, Brady or no Brady, when on a night like that, anything can happen.

Shawn and Belle kiss on the sofa.

Bo tells Hope that he can't wait for what happens after the party. They kiss again.

Glen asks Barb why she is do dead set on going to the party and why she is not just taking the money and run. Barb tells him that she is not leaving until Lexie does right by them. She tells Glen that Lexie is evil and that he looks good. She says that she is not leaving the DiMera mansion until they get what they deserve.

Outside the DiMera house, Marlena asks John to think positively. John says that he can't while he is standing on the DiMera property. Dr Rolf looks at the cameras from the control room and he tells Bart that when Hope becomes Gina, all hell will break loose.

Lexie greets John and Marlena at the door towards a night they will never forget.