Days Update Tuesday 12/4/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/4/01

By Justin

At the penthouse, Belle and Chloe have just arrived home from school. Chloe wonders if Brady is there and Belle yells is anyone home, no one answers as Brady is singing in the shower. Chloe is sad about Philip going out with Cynthia and tells Belle this. Brady gets out of the shower naked and heads downstairs, assuming no one is there. He goes down and Chloe sees Brady naked and throws him a pillow to cover his rear as he grabbed a flower pot too. He tells Chloe that he wants to talk to her alone later. Brady comes back and tells Belle to get. Brady says that he knows how much Philip hurt her, but says that Phil's not god enough for her. Chloe apologizes for not being as tough as him.

Meanwhile, Marlena is driving somewhere, talking to Sami on the phone. Sami says that Austin might propose tonight. She hangs up and heads home. She arrives home and goes to talk to Belle in her room. Belle admits that she and Shawn didn't have sex in Puerto Rico as Marlena is happy. They hug.

At Titan, Philip is talking to Victor about the mistake he made by dating Cynthia and that Chloe will never forgive him. He tells Victor that he needs him and Kate back together and Victor says that he'll see what he can do. They argue and Philip asks if Victor is okay as they were talking about his strokes. He says yes Victor hugs him and says that him and Kate might get back together. Philip leaves and Victor calls Kate.

At Austin's/Sami's apartment, Sami was talking to Marlena and Austin comes in, so she hangs up. Austin is wearing his grubby clothes and asks what he wanted to ask her. Sami wants to go to the party, but Austin wants to order pizza. He calls Will in as his question has to do with both Sami and Will. Will wants to order pizza too. Sami caves in and agrees with Austin and Will. Austin has a question to ask her and her hopes drop when he pulls out a Mickey Mantle baseball card and Sami says where's the gum. He gives the card to Will and he says the same. Austin gives Will a stick of gum and asks if he can marry his mommy. Will says yes and Sami has tears in her eyes as they kiss. She says hurry up and ask as Austin says where'd he put that thing. He whips out the ring and says Sami will you becom Mrs. Austin Reed. She says yes and Austin decides to go to the party. As he gets ready, Sami tells Will that she's finally marrying the man she loves.