Days Update Friday 11/30/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/30/01

By Justin

At the Dimera Mansion, the maids and cooks are rushing around getting ready for the party as Rolf tells Lex to make up her mind. Lexie yells at him and Abe comes in. Abe asks Rolf what he did to upset his wife and he covers up by saying that they were discussing nannies for Isaac. Lexie assures Abe that Rolf has Isaac's best interest at heart and eventually believes her. He has to get to work and Lexie tells him not to worry. Illiana comes in and tells Lexie that the caterers called, then she complaments Abe on his tie. After arguing with Lexie, he leaves for work. Rolf comes in.

At Glen's apartment, Barb is reading the social ads in the newspaper and comes across Lexie's party. She tells Glen that she can't believe they weren't invited. Glen tells Barb that they aren't going to crash it. Barb convinces him and he takes a shower. She calls Lexie and asks her why they weren't invited. Lexie argues with her and Barb warns her not to. They hang up with one another. Lexie gives Rolf permission to finish Barb off.

At the hospital, Craig goes in his office and shows Nancy an invitation to them from Lexie. Nancy says that they are not going as Colin comes in and says he got one too. Craig tells him that the Hortans and the Brady's are going to be there. Colin looks weird and Craig asks him how well he knows them. Colin says just from Africa and he leaves. Nancy changes her mind and Craig tells her about a talk he had with Marlena. She doesn't want to be friends with her. Nancy says that Marlena better stay away from her husband. Craig runs into Colin and says see ya tonight.

At Salem Place, Hope and Jen are at Java Cafe' and they are talking about Jen's date with Brandon Walker. Hope suggests that Jen takes Brandon to Lexie's party. Jen doesn't like the idea because Gran doesn't approve of him. Hope tells Jen to forget about Colin because they are gonna run into eachother some time. Jen changes her mind and decides to take Brandon and they leave.

At Salem High, Belle chases Chloe trying to apologize and walks away. Chloe stops her and accepts her apology. They go in a classroom and talk about what happened the other night. Belle tells Chloe that Brady said she got jumped in a desserted area. Chloe said she did and explains what happened between her and Philip. They leave to go to class.

In the hallway, Shawn overhears Cynthia tell Ashley and Georgia about what happened the other night with Philip. Shawn goes up to Philip and tells him that he really messed up.Philip says he knows and Chloe will never forgive her as they watch Cynthia and she looks back. Shawn goes away and Philip berates Cynthia. She wants to finish what they started and gets in his face, saying I know you want me. Shawn, Chloe, and Belle walk out as Chloe looks hurt.