Days Update Monday 11/26/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/26/01

By Rhonda

Jack and Greta head back to her place and Harold runs into the other room when they arrive.

Brandon tells Jen that his invitation is not "that kind" of invitation".

Chloe and Phillip argue outside the theatre and Phillip leaves with Cynthia.

Brady leaves the theatre when Belle tells him that Chloe left with Phillip outside. Mimi and Kevin leave as well.

Cythnia tells Phillip that he deserves a little fun and asks him back to her place 'cause her parents are out of town. Phillip agrees to go with her.

When Brady arrives outside the theatre, he can't see Chloe because she is sitting down beside a bush.

In the theatre still, Jen tells Brandon that she "does" want to go to his place and watch a movie with him because she is curious about his place. They leave the theatre.

Greta stalls Jack at the door so he does not leave. She pressures him to come in and insists that they continue their date that night. She says that she has a surprise for him and to "come on in, big boy". She offers him a drink, and Jack sees a magazine called "Muscle Man Monthly" on the coffee table. Greta runs into the other room and finds Harold holding a massage table for her. She grabs it and takes it out into the living room, where Jack asks her what she is doing.

Chloe realizes that she has "lost" Brady and she runs into Shawn and Belle outside the theatre. Belle and Shawn tell Chloe that she is a loser for "dumping" Brady at the theatre like that and they take off.

Brady goes home and stands on his balcony, wondering why Phillip has "won" and he has "lost".

Brandon takes Jen to his place and Jen is astounded by how nice his place really is, with the view, furnishings and punching bag are. Jen tells Brandon that he is really good at decorating a place. Brandon pours Jen some water, pops in a movie and turns down the lights. The VCR "eats" the tape and Brandon pulls it out.

Greta stumbles over the large massage table, and gets Jack to unfold it while she pours him a shot. Greta and Jack down a shot each and Greta pours two more which Jack drinks. Jack tells her that it tastes like tequila and Greta insists that it is just a vitamin drink. She then tells him to take off all his clothes!!!!!

Kevin and Mimi re-enter the empty movie theatre (what?!?) and Kevin tells her to wait there for him while he takes off.

Belle and Shawn worry about Brady and how he is feeling.

Brady tells himself to "get over it".

Chloe realizes that she left her cell phone at hom charging and starts to walk to Brady's place.

Cynthia and Phillip arrive at her place and she offers him a beer.

Greta tells Jack to get on the table, naked, and insists that everybody who gets a massage gets it naked. Jack takes off his shoes, pants (revealing plaid boxer shorts!) and his shirt and gets on the table.Greta lies Jack face down on the table and tells him to relax while she turns the lights on and turns on some music. Greta summons Harold from the other room and tells him to keep his head down. Harold pulls out some massage oil and Greta rubs it on Jack's back.

Brandon turns on some classical music and Jen seems nervous. Brandon asks Jen to dance and she spills the water on his back by accident. Brandon changes his shirt and Jen stares. She tells him that she needs to go and Brandon looks puzzled.

Kevin shows Mimi his "shadow puppet" show on the white movie screen.

Belle tells Shawn that she thinks they are jinxed because their 2 dates have been spoiled. Shawn tells her not to worry.

Cynthia brings Phillip a beer and they kiss.

While Chloe is walking to Brady's, she sees a brown van pull up.

Brandon tells Jen to relax and stay. Jen apologizes to Brandon about the water and Brandon offers him a massage because he is a "certified massage therapist".

Jack enjoys his massage and then Harold takes over on Jack's neck.

Jen tells Brandon that the massage is just what she needed. They lean forward to kiss.

Jack tells Greta that her "hands" are strong and Jack tells her not to stop (while Harold is massaging him) and lifts up his face. Harold jumps back.

Kevin teaches Mimi to make a bird shadow puppet and he tells her that she is beautiful. They kiss.

Shawn offers to take Mimi to a spot where nobody will find them.

Cynthis takes off her shirt in front of Phillip and starts to unbutton his pants. She then takes off her bra and they kiss some more.

2 guys offer Chloe a "ride" and she tells them to leave her alone.