Days Update Thursday 11/08/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/9/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jack is upset and hung over.  Greta helps him out.  She tells him that he can't give himself an ulcer every time some handsome guy puts his hands on Jennifer.

Hope and Jennifer meet for lunch.  They joke about all of Jennifer's "men".  Jennifer asks Hope if she thinks Coling saw her.  Hope doesn't think so but says it's bound to happen.  Jennifer wonders if Hope knows what Colin thinks about her.

Elizabeth visits Colin at teatime.  They smooch at the hospital.  Craig watches them and asks Marlena if she's read to pay up for her side of their bet.

Jack tells Greta about the time he had sympathetic morning sickness when Jen was pregnant.  He thought he was dying.  He says that it made him more grateful when his little girl was born and he promised himself he's never leave her.  Greta is touched.  She says Abby is lucky to have a father like him but she still doesn't understand why he would give up the chance of a fulfilling relationship just so his kid can have a "nuclear family".  They argue again about Jennifer.

Jennifer wonders why Colin didn't tell her in Africa that he was Shawn Brady's nephew.  Hope tells her that he's working at the hospital and that there is a bad blood between him and Bo, even though she doesn't know why.  She also tells Jen that Colin said he was looking forward to running into her, but he said it very casually.  Jennifer is disheartened by Hope's news.  She doesn't want to run into Colin, ever.

Colin and Elizabeth go to the staff lounge for their tea.  They run into Craig and Marlena on the way.  Colin invites them along but they politely turn him down.  Marlena feels terrible about betting on their happiness.  Craig tells her that there's nothing wrong with it.  Craig asks how Belle and Brady are.  He remarks that he hasn't seen much of Brady since they got back.  She thinks Chloe might be running into Philip more at school and wouldn't tell them about it.  Nancy is trying not to push the situation.  Craig thinks Philip is "bad news".  Marlena gives him advice about how Chloe needs boundaries.

Belle and Shawn rush to help Jan.  She fainted; the car never hit her.  There is confusion.  The woman who was driving the car swears she never hit her.  Jan recovers and says she's fine.  They want to take her to the hospital but she insists she's fine.  Alice knows the woman driving the car, so she assures her that they'll take care of her.  Jan asks everyone to leave her alone; the crowd disperses.  Nicole tries to help but Jan tells her she's through talking to her.  Nicole leaves for work, asking the others to take care of her.  Shawn helps Jan up.  He wants to take her to the ER.

Nicole goes to work and demands that Austin come to her office.  She asks angrily what the message means from Burton about being "at sea".  She thinks it means their deal is messed up.  Austin tells her that he just wants to treat them to his yacht this weekend.  Nicole doesn't know what to think; Austin says it would be just the two of them.  Finally she says she's not going.

Mimi is against Shawn taking Jan in; she thinks he should stay away from Jan.  Belle scolds Mimi, saying that Jan looks sick.  Jan agrees to go to the doctor.  Shawn has his truck so he can't take Belle, too, but she says that's okay.

Greta tells Jack she loves him as a friend.  He says he does, too, but he doesn't want to have this conversation any more.  Greta asks him what his next move is with Jennifer.  He doesn't know; he's running out of ideas.

Elizabeth says goodbye to Colin, who suggests they do some house hunting later.  Colin apologizes to Marlena for mistaking her for Craig's assistant.  He says that he wasn't honest before; he knows Jennifer from Africa.  He doesn't know why he did it.  Marlena fogives him for both.

Hope tells Jen that she should give Colin another chance, at least talk to him.  Alice comes by and says hello.  They remark how good she looks.  Alice says she heard that Jen was seen out on a date with Brandon.  Hope swears to Jen that she didn't tell her.  Jennifer assures Alice that Brandon was a perfect gentleman.  Alice quizzes her about her plans.

Belle and Mimi bicker about Jan.  Belle tells her that she told Shawn earlier how it bugged her that he was spending time with Jan.  She has a flashback to that conversation.  She assures Mimi that Shawn is just being a nice guy and he cares for her.

Shawn gets Jan some help.  Colin examines her.  Jan thanks Shawn for helping her.

Nicole wonders why Burton thinks that she and Austin are a couple.  Austin says that he did assume that but Austin corrected him.  Nicole is not acting like herself, so he notices.  She doesn't want to talk about it.

Belle wonders why Mimi doesn't trust Shawn.  Mimi does, she just doesn't trust Jan.  Belle tells her again not to worry.  Mimi suggests they walk over to the hospital and surprise Shawn, so Belle agrees.

Shawn runs into Marlena and explains why he's there.  Marlena quizzes him about his future plans. She says they'll see him play basketball because they'll go to watch Belle cheer.  She asks if he's applied for a sports scholarship, but he hasn't.  She also asks about college and the merchant marines.  He doesn't have any answers.  She hopes he doesn't mind her questions.  He says no, that she's practically like family to him.  He hopes he hasn't caused any problems between her and Belle. He respects Marlena.  She asks if he's worried about Jan; he says he is.

Greta thinks Jack isn't really serious about getting Jennifer back OR getting a job, since he's not really doing anything but sitting around.  Plus he keeps acting like a jerk whenever he sees Jennifer.  The phone rings.

Hope offers Alice a ride home, but she doesn't need one.  She's meeting a friend.  She leaves Hope and Jen alone again.  Jen knows that Alice is just looking out for her, but Alice makes her feel guilty.  Hope tries to make her feel better.

Colin worries that Jan is suffering from "some sort of post-traumatic stress".  Jan says she saw the counselor but she doesn't think she's going back.  Colin is sorry to hear it.  He's worried about her physically and mentally.  He asks if she's lost consciousness, and she confesses that she did.  He asks if she has been able to eat or sleep, and she says she hasn't.  She asks if this is because of the gonorrhea.  He says that is gone and she doesn't have a fever, so he thinks her problems are psychological.  Jan groans in pain and says she just wants to go home.  Shawn comes up and asks how she is.  Colin says she seems fine.

Hope finally confides to Jen that Colin is engaged.

Harold tells Greta on the phone that he's successfully made himself over.  We see him pumping iron while he chats.  Greta chats with him in a way so that Jack can't tell what she's talking about.

Belle and Mimi go to the hospital; they see Shawn, Marlena, and Jan.  Belle asks Jan if she's okay.  Jan says she can make it home herself, so she leaves.  Shawn thanks Belle for her understanding.  They leave.  Marlena finds Jan and introduces herself.  She can tell Jan is shaken and knows that she went through a "very traumatic event".  She says if Jan wants to talk, she's there.  Colin comes by and says that's a good idea. Jan freaks out; she thinks Colin told Marlena what happened.  Colin denies it and just said that  Marlena knows she needs a friend. 

Harold says he thinks Jack and he should spend some time alone.  Jack mutters to himself as he looks through the want ads.  Greta says she'll get back to Harold on their plans.

Hope jokes that Elizabeth is fat and ugly, but Jen knows she's probably beautiful.  Jen says that she's happy for him but she's clearly shaken.

Nicole tells Austin that she's in a bad mood because of her father.  She thinks he did something to someone before he died.  He suggests that she take some time off; she reminds him how badly her last vacation went.  Austin jokes that someday they can afford their own yachts and they won't have to share it.  She reminds him that she already can afford her own yacht.  She says she just wants to go home.

Colin apologizes to Marlena for Jan's behavior.  Marlena worries that Jan is not okay.  Colin thanks her for trying.  Mimi comes up and says that Jan "definitely needs help".  Marlena can't believe that she was eavesdropping.  Mimi says that Jan makes her own misery and the only person she wants help from is Shawn.  Marlena is interested in Mimi's theory that Jan is interested in Shawn and has a way of making people do things they never thought they'd do.

Shawn wishes he could tell Belle what's going on with Jan.  So does she.  He says that he thinks Jan needs professional help.  Belle admires his wanting to help someone.  They decide to forget about Jan and go back to kissing.