Days Update Thursday 11/08/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/8/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Belle and Shawn hang out at the mall.  She's surprised that he's with her because he's been spending so much time with Jan lately.

Jan is also in the mall and she growns, holding her stomach, wondering what's wrong with her.  Mimi comes along and tells her that's "a first-class bitch".

Alice thanks Sami for giving her a lift from the hospital to the Salem Place mall, where everyone is hanging out today.  Sami wants to look at diamonds and hopes that Austin will be giving her one soon on an engagement ring.

A man thanks Nicole and Austin for making him a millionaire.  They are sitting at a table, guess where? Yep, at the mall.  (Yeah, I always take important business clients to the mall for lunch!)  Austin and Nicole were happy to help.  The guy tells Nicole that he's single and in the book before he leaves.  Nicole praises Austin for his work.  She thinks they make a great team.

Barb phones Glen; she wakes him up.  He is grateful because he doesn't want to be late for work.  She wishes he didn't have to work the late shift, but he's just glad to be working.  She hopes he can quit his job soon if things work out the way she wants.  He wants to know what's going on and when she's coming back.  She says she's not at her uncle's house, she's in Salem.  He demands to know why.

Lexie asks Rolf if he spoke to her father.  He says that he is supposed to counsel her and watch over her, but she must be strong.  Lexie worries once again about losing Isaac.  Rolf says Stefano's power lies in the threat of violence.  He suggests that Lexie find a way to "silence Barb permanently".

Glen worries that Barb won't return from Salem alive, after what happened to Marlo.  She says she figured out a way to get money but won't tell him how.  He just wants her to come home.  She worries about money and says that she might be pregnant.  She hangs up on him as he's pleading with her to come home.  She talks to herself and says that Lexie is no better than her, so there's no reason she shouldn't get some of that money.

Mimi tells Jan that she'd better stay away from Shawn.  Jan tells her to go to Hell.

Shawn says he knows it's weird that he's been spending to much time with Jan.  He says he can't explain why but he assures Belle that it's not what she thinks and he only wants to be with her.  He thinks about her all the time.  He changes the subject to their date for the movies.

Alice warns Sami not to try to manipulate Austin again.  Sami says it's harder to catch a man now than when Alice hooked up with Tom.

Nicole continues to praise Austin.  He asks how she's doing; she tries to avoid his question.  He says she doesn't have to be strong all the time.  He is there for her if she ever needs someone to talk to.  Sami finds Austin and reminds him that they had a lunch date.  He forgot.  He tells her that he had an important business meeting with Nicole; but he apologizes for not calling.  She says it's okay and asks if he's through.  Nicole says bye.  Austin congratulates Sami for not being rude to Nicole.  Sami proceeds to bitch about Nicole and how she got her present job.  Austin says Nicole is a "good businesswoman".  Sami suggests they talk about something else, like their relationship.  She is not going to fight with Nicole any more because she wants Austin to do well in his jobs, now that he has responsibilities (her and Will).  She mentions getting married and he tells her not to bring it up.

Belle points out a cute shirt in a window and says that it will be perfect for their date.  Shawn just watches her with an amused expression on his face as she babbles on.  Then he grabs her and kisses her.  He says that when he's with her, he can't help wanting to kiss her, and when he's not with her, he always thinks about wanting to kiss her.  They joke about hanging out in the mall with Mimi.  He guesses what they talk about--guys.  He turns serious and wants to make sure she's okay after what happened on the islands.  She says she's fine.  Belle admits she has bad dreams sometimes but mostly it was fun on the island.  She learned that she can count on Shawn.

>>hawn-d: Ooh, you know, that part, yeah. I remember the midnight swims, just the two of us. I seem to remember us not being able to stop kissing.  Mimi comes up just as they are kissing.  She looks embarrassed.

Barb visits Lexie.  The maid answers the door but gives Barb the silent treatment.  Barb flounces in and plants herself on Lexie's sofa.  Lexie tells her not to get comfortable; she's not welcome there.  Barb tells her that she knows that Bo and Hope have Marlo's kid, and Lexie has theirs.  She doesn't know why Lexie would do something so evil, but she's not going to get away with it.  Lexie denies it but she points out that J.T.'s dna matches Glen's.

Nicole runs into Jan and sits with her.  Jan says she's sorry she shot her father.  Nicole says she has a feeling why Jan is acting this way, and it's not the shooting.  She insists that Jan tell her what her father did to her.

Mimi backs off to give Shawn and Belle some time alone.  Belle says when she went to the islands, she was like a little girl who needed her dad to protect her.  But then she, Philip, and Shawn were forced to rely on each other.  She hopes she's never that scared again.  But she credits Shawn with saving her and getting her back home.  He made her feel safe when she was falling apart.  She is so grateful to him.  He has a hard time taking a compliment so finally he just kisses her.  ALice comes up and interrupts their kiss.  They try to explain but she says there's no need, she's been there.  She shows them that she's wearing Tom's necklace, with the real ruby in it.

Lexie tells Barb that Hope had amnesia when she was pregnant and probably just slept with Glen.  Barb doesn't believe her.  She suggests she go talk to Hope.  Maybe Hope will want to marry Glen or at least want him to move to Salem to share custody.  Barb looks worried but says she's not buying it.  She knows that J.T. is Marlo's baby, not Hope's.  Without missing a beat, Lexie reminds Barb what happened to Marlo; how her life was cut tragically short.

Austin explains to Sami that since she's so anxious for him to propose, it will be a "total letdown" when he finally does.  She is relieved that he isn't saying he doesn't want to marry her.  He says, "If you stop trying to make it happen, maybe it'll happen sooner".  She pledges that she won't talk about marriage any more.  She just asks for a hint as to when it might happen.  He says no way but they are joking around at this point.  He switches the topic back to Titan and says he's really enjoying the work there and that Nicole and Victor are pleased with his work.  She just bets that Nicole is pleased.  Austin says he knows that Sami thinks Nicole is trying to pull something, but he insists that she's been completely professional.  Sami thinks it's weird that Nicole is being so nice to Austin since she used to hate him when they lived at the mansion.  He says that she didn't hate him, it was just that he challened her to respect herself, which made her nervous.  Sami doesn't trust her.

Nicole asks Jan if her father tried to have sex with her.   She asks if he fed her some baloney about playing a sex scene on camera.  Jan flashes back to when he did that and then raped her.  She denies it and says that Paul did promise to make her a star, and she was an idiot to believe him, but that's it.  She doesn't want to think about him any more.  She gets up and leaves.  Nicole decides to have a talk with Shawn.

Barb tells Lexie off, saying how she seemed so nice when they met but all along she was stealing someone else's kid.  She warns that she'd better not try to kill her because if a second body shows up, the cops are going to be all over her and that there is an envelope that Glen is supposed to give to them if anything should happen to her.  It has all the evidence.  Lexie knows that Barb hasn't let Glen in on her little plan.  Barb says Glen will know soon.  Lexie asks how much it will take to get rid of her.  Barb wants it all.  For the first installment, she wants $5,000 so she can move from her crummy motel and go to the Salem Inn.

Alice thanks Shawn and Belle again for getting the ruby back.

Mimi says hi to Alice and admires the ruby.  She yells at Jan as she passes by so Alice tells her not to talk to people that way.  Mimi says she must and tells Jan to get out of here.  Shawn and Belle wonder what's going on.  Jan and Mimi yell at each other.

Rolf gives Lexie the money and she gives it to Barb.  She wants a million dollars. Lexie protests that she doesn't have that kind of money; her husband is a cop.  Barb knows Stefano is rich.  Barb leaves.  Lexie frets and rages to Rolf.  Rolf says she's going to have to put an end to Barb for good.

Barb phones Glen to say everything is going great and they'll have everything they ever wanted.  Barb counts her money.

Lexie says they should cancel the party for Hope. Rolf thinks that's a bad idea.  He says Stefano will be calling back later today to give them instructions on how to eliminate Barb.

Sami is sorry that she and Austin both have to go back to work.  She says she'll make them dinner tonight but asks him not to mention Nicole's name.

As Jan runs away from Mimi's insults, she gets hit by a car.  Shawn yells "Look out!" and then "Jan! No!" as he watches it happen.